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Brits turn to CBD to ease Covid-induced anxiety

CBD sales have soared since the first UK lockdown last March as a result of pandemic-induced mental health issues.



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CEO and founder of Purity Hemp Company, Michael Walker, says the business has seen sales surge by up to 600 percent

One CBD brand has seen sales soar since the first UK lockdown last March, as mental health issues are amplified by the pandemic.

The British CBD business, Purity Hemp Company has revealed a massive 600 percent increase in sales since the first UK lockdown.

Since COVID-19 hit the UK in March last year, many have found that CBD has offered much-needed stress relief and helped curb the mental health pressures that have been amplified by the pandemic.

Purity Hemp Company revealed the most common reasons its customers relied on its CBD products were to manage their health, with 70 percent using CBD to help with insomnia and anxiety.

The third most popular reason for purchase was pain relief (67 percent), followed by improving focus (50 percent). Forty five percent of customers claimed ‘recovery’ was their reason for purchasing CBD.

Founder and CEO of Purity Hemp Company Michael Walker, who is also a trustee of Mental Health Associates, said: “For some, lockdown was a time to rest and reset but for many others, it was a time of frenetic stress, which is set to continue as restrictions start to relax and we adapt back into our previous lifestyles.”

Purity Hemp Company CBD sales

CEO and founder of Purity Hemp Company, Michael Walke, says the business has seen sales surge by up to 600 percent

The company says that its CBD edibles have been the most popular of its products, with sales of its 300mg edible gummy domes increasing by 600 percent. Meanwhile, its CBD tea saw a 400 percent uplift in sales and the brand’s 10 percent CBD oil saw a boost of 250 percent.

Purity Hemp Company’s range of topicals also saw a boost in sales with an increase of 500 percent. It puts this, in part, down to the impact that working from home has had on the nation’s physical health.

“We have close relationships with our loyal customers and we know what health problems they are targeting with their CBD use. We’re happy to have been able to help them cope with the multiple stresses of the last year and are dedicated to continuing to help them on their journeys,” Walker added.

“Being a trustee of the Mental Health Associates allows me to give back to an industry that has provided so much to me over the last 20 years. It’s a cause close to my heart and my experience in the CBD industry helps give me a solid understanding of the pressures that some individuals face. It’s great to know we are able to offer relief to them through our products at what continues to be a difficult time for many.”

Pandemic-induced stress and other mental health issues, which have been widely acknowledged by health professionals, are likely to continue as measures begin to relax.

This is being referred to as ‘post lockdown anxiety’, a phrase coined by mental health charity Anxiety UK.

A recent survey from the charity presented a ‘mixed picture’ of views regarding the return to the so-called new normal.

The survey revealed that although 37 percent were looking forward to a return to normal life, 36 percent were ‘happy’ to stay at home and 27 percent had no strong feeling either way.


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