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Cold-Pressed CBD: “We believe in using the whole plant”

The founders of recently-launched Cold-Pressed CBD reveal why their monthly subscribers keep coming back for more.



Cold-Pressed gummies
Cold-Pressed CBD gummies have proved popular with subscribers
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The founders of recently-launched Cold-Pressed CBD reveal why they believe in the benefits of whole-plant extract and why the company’s monthly subscribers keep coming back for more.

Cold-Pressed CBD describes its products as the most holistic cannabis products available in the UK.

As the name suggests, Cold-Pressed CBD advocates for the use of the entire hemp plant. Using the cold-press extraction method, the company ensures that the hundreds of different compounds found in the hemp plant make it into their final product.

The cold-pressed method of extracting CBD involves passing the hemp plant through a press at high pressures and relatively low temperatures compared to more commonly used methods like Co2 and alcohol extraction.

The less volatile nature of the process means that more of the hemp’s original chemical make-up, including vitamins, omegas and nutrients are included in the finished product.

“The main reason we went down [cold-pressed] route is that we wanted to have a natural product,” Cold-Pressed co-founder, Jamie Wilkinson said.

“We believe in using the whole plant and that the cold pressing method is the best way to achieve that.

“We feel that the whole of the plant is good for you, not just the cannabinoids.”

Whilst other businesses and products isolate cannabinoids like CBD and use the likes of coconut oil as a carrier, Cold-Pressed uses hemp seed oil, which contains essential fatty acids like Omega 3, 6 and 9.

“You wouldn’t get that if the product didn’t use hemp seed oil,” Jamie said.

Cold-Pressed founders Emily Maltby and Jamie Wilkinson

Cold-Pressed founders Emily Maltby and Jamie Wilkinson

Cold-pressed CBD was founded in 2020 by Jamie and friend and former colleague Emily Maltby. As they witnessed the liberalisation of cannabis laws both in the UK and North America, the pair saw an opportunity to kickstart their own journey in the cannabis space.

“In the back of both our minds, we always knew that at some stage we would like to go into business together and one of the things that we both feel really passionate about is cannabis and promoting the universal acceptance of the plant,” Jamie said.

“How can something like this have such bad stigma attached to it when something like alcohol for example, doesn’t? It doesn’t make any sense.”

“Since launching everything that we’ve been looking to achieve has been around that message of acceptance of the plant,” he added.

With hundreds of different oils and tinctures already on the market, Cold-Pressed chose to take a slightly different route, focusing its efforts on edible gummies.

“We definitely thought that gummies were going to be more popular,” Emily explained.

“Especially as oils were the only thing that had really been available until recently. We had loads of feedback from people who had tried oils but had been put off because of the taste.”

She continued: “I think it can also be scary for newcomers to be dropping oil into their mouth, you can definitely dose a lot easier with CBD gummies. With a pipette, you’re not really sure how much you’re taking, but from our feedback, people say it’s easier to just take two gummies before bed and know they’re getting 20mg.”

Jamie and Emily chose to launch the business as a subscription service, sending a 30-day gummy supply to its customers every month.

Despite still being in its infancy, the company has gathered a loyal following and says its subscriber base has “massively increased” over the past year.

In the retail world, the success of a subscription service is measured by the annual percentage rate at which customers stop subscribing – also known as the ‘churn rate’.

The average churn rate for food and beverage companies is estimated to be around 28.3 percent.

“Even though our product is brand new, we are just two percent below the average churn rate,” Jamie said.

“Some of those businesses have been trading for years and obviously have long-standing customers.”

“If our [churn rate] stays below that average then there must be something about the product that is keeping people coming back.”

The first thing that jumps out when you open one of Cold-Pressed’s subscription boxes is its bold design, emulating the bright colours of its gummy bears.

“The branding is definitely something we wanted to stand out. I think a lot of other brands go for very minimal and classic looks,” said Emily.

“Although they all look really good, I felt that on a shelf with loads of other products, they’re not going to stand out amongst each other. We wanted to create a fun, colourful palette.”

After Jamie and Emily came up with their original concept for the brand, they sent their designs out into the world of Instagram, asking creatives such as tattoo artists for their feedback.

The company now regularly works with visual artists, featuring an ‘artist of the month’ who contributes CBD-themed design work for the company. Last month, Cold-Pressed teamed up with the acclaimed tattoo artist, Mike Boyd who designed an exclusive sticker pack for its subscribers.

In addition to its direct-to-consumer arm, Cold-Pressed CBD is in the process of launching a CBD-themed café and bar on the south coast and has plans in the works to introduce a medical cannabis facility towards the end of 2021.


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