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Is this the secret to a more effective CBD product?

A new wellness brand is tapping into the senses to create more potent CBD products.



papilio CBD
Papilio’s CBD oral drops comes in three formulations, Refresh, Relax and Balance.
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The founders of a new wellness brand are harnessing the power of scent and taste, to create more potent CBD products.

CBD wellness brand Papilio Products was launched by cousins Caroline Holford and Georgina Muncaster, after they stumbled on their shared love of the supplement at a family get-together.

The pair realised that an enthusiasm for cooking – and understanding of the importance a sense of smell plays in our wellbeing – could help them create a product that would stand out in an increasingly saturated market. 

Papilio’s products, made with premium quality CBD, are broad-spectrum, meaning that while they are THC-free, they contain additional terpenes to provide appealing flavour and smell profiles.

Caroline Holford and Georgina Muncaster, co-founders of Papilio Products

“The more we researched what makes CBD such a special supplement, the more we realised that our love of cookery – the ingredients, the smells and the taste profiles – would help us to develop Oral CBD Drops with a difference,” said Caroline and Georgina.

“With our understanding of the body’s olfactory system, which is responsible for our sense of smell, and is closely linked to our sense of taste, we realised that the terpenes in hemp, which contribute to its distinctive scents and flavours, could be harnessed to increase the efficacy of our CBD.”

Terpenes are the naturally occurring hydrocarbons which make up the plant’s essential oils giving them unique flavours, scents and colours. 

There are eight terpenes found in the hemp plant, which have also been linked to positive psychological effects such as relaxation, pain relief and anti-anxiety.

The brand’s UK manufacturers have harnessed these terpenes to add natural yet powerful flavours and smells to Papilio’s oral CBD drops.

While the terpenes boast potential wellbeing benefits in themselves, the smells they produce can also influence mood and behaviour, explain the co-founders, making for a calmer – and happier – consumption experience. 

“It is widely known that our sense of smell can ignite memories, but it can also influence our mood and behaviour,” they continued.

“In conjunction with this, terpenes are said to promote various health benefits, such as helping you sleep or boosting your energy levels.

“We carefully investigated the particular attributes and benefits of the main terpenes present in the hemp from which our CBD was extracted, and selected those which had properties that when added to our Oral CBD Drops, would create an enhanced experience, and a more pleasant taste profile.   

“All of this research and development has produced Papilio’s three unique blends.”

Papilio’s Oral CBD Drops come in three formulations; Refresh, a zesty citrus blend with Limonene, grapefruit and tangerine to help you feel energised, Relax with notes of lavender and eucalyptus, which contains Linalool and Balance, a minty fresh blend with pinene, including with notes of wild peppermint and vanilla.




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