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Provacan share the top CBD categories for consumers

CBD company Provacan shares with Cannabis Health News what the most popular categories of CBD are for 2021 and whats fallen out of favour with consumers



Provacan: four bottles of CBD products on a beige background. A cbd oil dropper lies on its side

One of the UK’s most trusted CBD companies, Provacan shares with us their top categories and which categories have fallen out of favour over the past year.

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Provacan is the flagship brand of Cannabis Healthcare company – CiiTECH. The brand has always placed its customers first and has closely followed the change in demands to ensure that it offers the most relevant and up to date products whilst keeping its customers happy. Provacan offers a wide range of CBD products, such as oils, edibles, topicals, vapes, and isolates.

In terms of the most popular CBD products, CBD oil consistently holds the top spot. CBD gummies are now the next big thing after CBD oil. Cannabis topicals have moved up from fifth to third place.


Clifton Flack, CEO and Founder of CiiTECH, believes that “CBD oils will remain the top sellers as more and more Brits experience the value of the oil and the benefits of it being absorbed directly to the blood, but CBD topicals have grown in popularity as consumers gain confidence in the benefits of CBD, not just as a food supplement.”

It is to no surprise that overall sales are increasing year over year as more consumers are learning about CBD and understanding the true value. And even more so as the UK and globe saw a massive increase in stress and anxiety due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Summer holidays

CiiTECH reported that a third of Brits found this summer holiday planning stressful and had trouble coping. During the summer pandemic months, Provacan reported that CBD sales increased from a year ago.

Topicals are quickly climbing up the ladder as users recognise the benefits CBD has on skincare. Today we see topicals ranging from balms, lotions, serums, sun care and even shampoos. And this is to no surprise as the benefits of CBD topicals includes fantastic skin condition properties as well as being anti-sebum. Furthermore, CBD is rich in antioxidants and contains skin-protecting elements allowing for its vast use as a skincare agent.

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However, CBD oil as a food supplement is strongly holding its position as number one and provacan believes that it will continue to do so simply for the fact that its customers understand the value of CBD including the optimal delivery method of oils which is absorbed directly via the bloodstream as the oil quickly absorbs through tiny blood vessels under the tongue.

Followed closely to CBD oil today are CBD gummies. CBD digestion begins in the mouth and continues along the digestive tract making this method of CBD consumption ideal for individuals who have a sweet tooth and prefer not to taste the CBD oil.

The alternate method of CBD oil and gummies is CBD capsules, however, capsules are not absorbed through the tongue and rather swallowed and broken down further in the digestive tract. CBD capsules are gaining popularity among individuals who prefer to have a tasteless experience.

To learn more about CBD and the different ranges or to try some yourself visit

To learn more about CBD and the different ranges or to try some yourself visit

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