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Police raid Lidl in Bavaria over CBD cookies.

Lidl signed a deal with The Green Dealers to provide CBD and THC free products to potentially 3350 stores



Lidl: A sign for German brand Lidl against a clear blue sky

Police raid German retailer Lidl over a collection of edibles containing no CBD or THC. The product has been removed from shelves as a precautionary measure.

German police have raided the Rosenheim branch of the grocery store Lidl in Bavaria over CBD cookies and other assorted products including cannabis energy drinks and hash brownies. The raid was reported in the digital newspaper,  München Abendzeitung.

Lidl, one of the largest retailers in the world launched their CBD products by advertising with colourful inserts that were posted to households. The adverts promoted the various edibles on the front of the mailers and products had only been on shelves for one week.

According to the advertisements, the 21 products were said to contain no THC or CBD but taste like hemp. It’s part of a deal with a start-up company, The Green Dealers and is meant to roll out in 3350 stores.

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The products

The products were run at a discount at the start of the campaign. Cannabis cookies, ‘Mary & Juana’ were on sale for EUR 3.49 instead of the normal retail price of EUR 4.49. Milk and dark chocolates were sold under the same name with a 20 percent discount.

The cookies, brownies and chocolate bars from the brand are available in other shops. They are made with cannabis seeds and leaves. The company, Euphoria which makes cookies, muffins and other products. They also offer vodka made from cocaine leaves and absinthe.

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German law

It is legal to buy or consume CBD products, but only if the THC value is below 0.2 percent. CBD is still part of the German narcotics act which means it cannot be advertised.

Speaking to München Abendzeitung, police spokesperson, Stefan Sonntag said: “Several articles have been secured.”

The items are currently being tested at the State Criminal Police Office in Munich even though they come from a manufacturer who produces THC-free products only.

This is the only company targeted for raids. There have been reports of hemp tea manufacturers and German chain store, Hanf Im Glück has also been raided. Hanf im Glück sell CBD vapes, animal products and beauty items.

In a statement to AZ, Lidl announced that all products have been removed from shelves:

“We can confirm that the authorities have currently initiated an investigation into individual products from our limited-time promotional range of hemp products. As a precautionary measure, we have taken all items off sale and are working closely with the authorities. “

European Lidl

This isn’t the first move into cannabis or CBD products by the German retailer. The company has sold locally grown cannabis for customers in Switzerland, the retailer sold a 1.5g box for 18 Swiss francs (£13.20) in 2018. Although this would have fallen under Swiss law, not German.

The product was labelled as a tobacco alternative and was made from flowers grown in greenhouses. They were on sale beside tobacco products but were double the price. Swiss law permits anyone over 18 to purchase and use cannabis containing no more than 1 percent of THC. The cannabis was supplied by The Botanicals, based in Thurgau, north-east Switzerland.

Cannabis Health News has reached out to Lidl and Euphoria for comment.

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