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Ziggy Marley launches new line of wellness products for pets

The new line starts with peanut butter CBD dog chews but has plans to extend into food additives and topicals for dogs.



Ziggy Marley: A close up of the musician

Ziggy Marley, the oldest son of Jamaican reggae artist, Bob Marley, has launched a new line of pet wellness products starting with CBD dog chews.

The brand, Apawthecary offers a full range of vegan wellness products that not only include CBD but shiitake mushrooms too. The first product, Romeo’s Agility Chews was developed with botanical wellness brand, One Farm from organic ingredients including mushrooms, cordyceps fungus and turmeric. They contain five milligrams of organic CBD and are peanut-butter-flavoured to help potentially fight inflammation while promoting mental and physical wellbeing.

The inspiration for the brand is Ziggy’s puppy, Romeo who joined the Marley family in 2020. Romeo is a lagotto Romagnolo, a medium-sized dog breed that is known for thick, curly hair and a happy personality. Romeo also inspired Marley’s children book, ‘My Dog Romeo.’ During the lockdown, Marley spent the year at home and began each morning with Romeo, instantly developing a special bond.

Ziggy said: “Nature has always played a major role in my life. I was drawn to One Farm because of their use of whole-plant ingredients and their commitment to quality, sustainability, and transparency.”

Health is incredibly important to me. Playing soccer almost every day, my knees have felt the impact over the years. When I saw how active Romeo was as a puppy, I knew I needed to take care of his joint health now, to help prevent problems in the long run.”

He developed the range after watching the high energy levels of the puppy and becoming concerned about his joint health.

Ziggy posted about the new line on his Instagram page: “On that mission, the One Farm community and I are happy to share with you Romeo’s Agility Chews, a new pet supplement made with organic whole-plant ingredients like CBD, turmeric, mushrooms and more. Formulated to help prolong agility, combat inflammation and support overall well-being, Send a shout out and big up now to my dogs all around. Jah.”

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Apawthecary has plans to introduce other products into the line including Romeo’s CBD oil available as a food additive and topical to help anxiety and physical health.


Ziggy Marley isn’t the only celebrity moving into the pet CBD industry. Travis Barker who released his line of CBD products, Barker Wellness has also released a new pet line.

The formulas were developed to potentially help relieve stress, joint pain, and muscle discomfort. They may also improve sleep, anxiety and mood.

Dog or cat owners can choose between beef or tuna flavours and concentrations of 250mg or 500mg depending on the size of the animal. The tinctures are free from THC, GMOs, preservatives and artificial flavours. They are high in omegas which are thought to aid skin, fur, heart and hormone health.

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