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Texas reverses the smokable hemp ban in landmark decision

The ban has been lifted in a landmark decision which could have an effect on other states challenging similar bans such as Lousiana



Texas smoke ban: A field of green hemp plants

The Texas ban on smokeable hemp has been removed this week in a landmark decision that could lead to a million-dollar hemp market by 2025.

The ban was introduced in 2019 but challenged by hemp companies. The landmark decision removes the law and a resulting rule from the Texas health department that attempted to enforce the ban.

The decision creates an opportunity for hemp manufacturers in the state. The ban did not apply to smoking hemp but to the manufacture and sale of it. This meant Texans would cross the border into other states or buying it online.

Nielsen IQ, the research insights company estimated that the smokable-hemp market in the U.S could grow to $300 million by 2025. Although if more bans are removed then this could mean the figure is even higher.

According to the 2021 Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook, Texas had 1,103 hemp growers and 71 licensed hemp processors in 2020.

A win

While smokeable hemp products are still a grey area in a lot of states, there has been a series of bans looking to curb the use. Hawaii became the latest state to ban certain CBD products earlier this month such as smokeable hemp and edibles.

Those challenging the ruling say it could inspire legal challenges in other states such as neighbouring Louisiana. Indiana is still awaiting the decision on their ban pending a setback when the judge refused to put it on hold until a decision was made.

In a statement, Zachary Maxwell, president of Texas Hemp Growers said: “Today’s ruling is a major win for Texas’ hemp industry, and may set a new standard in similar cases across the country.”

“The attorneys behind the Texas Hemp Legal Defense Fund fought hard, brought fact-based arguments to the courtroom, and proved the undeniable financial harm caused by this cavalier ban.”

Decriminalising cannabis

Meanwhile, a newly established Texan group has launched a campaign this month introducing an initiative to decriminalise cannabis possession and ban no-knock warrants.

Ground Game Texas is a non-profit led by former Democratic congressional candidates who have made the issue of cannabis decriminalisation a priority.

They needed 20,000 signatures by July 20th to qualify for the November 2021 ballot.

Benefits of smokable CBD

Although a controversial choice due to the bans, there are thought to be some benefits to smoking hemp compared to oil consumption.

It may be the fastest way to absorb CBD which may be useful for people who use it for panic or anxiety attacks. Oils can take longer to work.

It could potentially help those looking to quit smoking. One study examined the success rate of CBD inhalers for people trying to quit smoking. Those who were given the CBD inhaler were able to reduce smoking by 40 percent.

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