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CBD patches vs CBD oil – how do they compare?

CBD patches are becoming increasingly popular, but how do they compare to CBD oil?



CBD patches
CBD patches are becoming increasingly popular

CBD patches are becoming increasingly popular, but how do they compare to CBD oil? 

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Innovation in the legal cannabis industry has led to a plethora of options when it comes to using CBD. One that has become increasingly popular is the topical CBD patch, but how does it compare to a good old CBD oil?

How CBD patches work

Patches are arguably the most convenient way to reap the benefits of cannabidiol.

One simply needs to apply a patch to an area of skin (preferably hairless), then CBD will be gradually absorbed by the body for a set period of time.

CBD patches from Brown's CBD

This makes them a discreet option for busy people who would rather not waste time applying drops in the mirror. 

There are different types of technology used in patches, but one of the most common is the Matrix system.

The Matrix system involves infusing a high concentration of CBD into the patch material which tends to be activated by the natural heat of the skin. Once activated, the CBD is gradually released from a concentration gradient.

A concentration gradient takes advantage of the natural tendency of compounds to disperse from a highly concentrated area (the patch) to a lesser concentrated area (the skin).

CBD patches bypass the liver, which means higher concentrations of CBD are absorbed by the body than most orally-ingested CBD products. This rate of absorption is known as bioavailability.

How do patches compare to CBD oil?

Despite the fact that CBD patches are more convenient and have higher bioavailability than CBD oils, the ideal product really depends on the individual.

CBD oils, especially full-spectrum options, contain a whole lot more than CBD. Cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, omega fatty acids, polyphenols, chlorophyll and other hemp compounds can all play an important role in enhancing wellbeing.

These compounds also seem to have a synergistic relationship known as the ‘entourage effect, which could help to produce effects that are difficult for CBD patches to achieve.

Overall, patches seem to be the better option for those looking to benefit from pure CBD alone, but oils have more potential to improve a range of other health and wellbeing outcomes. Perhaps combining both could be optimal?

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