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How to make the most of your CBD gummies

Gummies are a great quick and easy way to consume CBD.



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Leading CBD company, Browns CBD shows us how to get the most out of your gummies.

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For those looking to improve overall health and wellbeing, CBD gummies may not be the best option available. They commonly contain added sugar, which should really be avoided if optimal health is your number one goal.

Products such as CBD oils, capsules, patches, or water-soluble CBD tend to be much healthier options.

But for those who love sweets, eating them with the added benefits of CBD is clearly an attractive option.

Besides, as long as they are not seen as a replacement for a healthy lifestyle no harm should come from consuming them in moderation. As the saying goes “a little of what you fancy does you good.”

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However, if you want to make the most of your CBD sweets, it’s worth considering that the bioavailability of CBD ingested on an empty stomach has been found to be as low as 6 percent.

This means that only a shocking 6 percent of the CBD can be used by the body.

How To Increase Bioavailability

But fear not, one simple hack can allow you to benefit from a fourfold increase in bioavailability – eating your CBD gummies for dessert.

A study from the University of Minnesota found that CBD absorption levels increased dramatically when consumed with a high-fat meal. Bioavailability was found to be 4 times higher, and even up to 14 times higher than CBD consumed in a fasted state.

So, by including a decent source of fat into your meal, such as avocados, nuts, or salmon, and having your gummies as a treat for dessert, you can rest assured that your body will have everything it needs to absorb the CBD as efficiently as possible.

If you’re looking to buy CBD gummies in the UK, at BROWN’S CBD we offer an affordable, vegan-friendly, and delicious option for those with a sweet tooth.

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