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The perks of choosing BROWN’S for your CBD needs

With so many brands out there, why should you choose BROWN’S for your CBD needs?




There are hundreds of UK brands boosting people’s wellbeing with high-quality products, so why should you choose BROWN’S CBD?


Gone are the days when one would struggle to find a good supplier of CBD oils. Today, there are hundreds of UK brands boosting people’s wellbeing with high-quality products.

The majority of which are small to medium-sized businesses that were launched after personally experiencing benefits from cannabinoids. In fact, small businesses, fuelled by their passion for the hemp plant, built the UK CBD industry from the ground up.

Contrary to what has been occasionally pushed in mainstream media, the majority of independent CBD businesses have been incredibly proactive in self-regulating and ensuring the best possible customer experiences. We have a great tight-knit network of ethical sellers amongst us.

But with such a wide range of excellent companies to choose from, why on earth would you use BROWN’S CBD for your hemp needs? Read on to find out.

BROWN’S CBD founder Laurence Brown and his partner Irene


For us, improving wellbeing is the ultimate goal. In order to achieve this, we prioritise offering products containing as many compounds as legally possible.

Our oils are packed with cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other plant compounds that can contribute to an optimal experience. They have a darker colour than many oils available due to the retention of plant matter, which we believe contributes to their overall potency.

Some of the UK CBD industry sadly seems to be moving towards oils containing just pure CBD alone. While CBD Isolate oils still benefit consumers, they are denatured products and really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to improving health outcomes.

Isolate does have its uses, such as our CBD patches or CBD balm. But for ingestible products we always prefer full-spectrum.


Further to efficacy, our world-class manufacturing team produces our oils to the highest possible food safety standards – ISO 22000.

This certification ensures customer safety through a consistent supply of safe, honest, and fully traceable oils.

Any products sourced from other providers such as our hemp capsules and gummies are also fully vetted before being included in our range.

Bundle deals and loyalty points

High-quality CBD products are not cheap, so we try our best to make them as affordable as possible for our customers. By using our bundle deals, customers can save up to 20% on their orders when buying multiple products. All-year-round.

People tend to buy products individually to ensure efficacy and then commit to a larger order to save money for long-term use.

We also offer a generous loyalty point scheme for any customer who creates an account with us. This allows them to accumulate 5p for every £1 spent, which quickly adds up.

We practice what we preach

Last but certainly not least, every product that we sell has benefited our own well-being in one way or another. Which makes selling the products very easy.

We are a small business, run by myself, Laurence, my partner Irene and the occasional help from other family members. And we all use the products offered to improve our lives with great success.

People tend to compliment us on our personal touch, and being able to speak to people in the same shoes as them rather than a corporate giant. In the end, we’re just trying our very best to add value to your lives through honest and effective products at the best possible price.

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