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The perks of choosing BROWN’S for your CBD needs

With so many brands out there, why should you choose BROWN’S for your CBD needs?




There are hundreds of UK brands boosting people’s wellbeing with high-quality products, so why should you choose BROWN’S CBD?


Gone are the days when one would struggle to find a good supplier of CBD oils. Today, there are hundreds of UK brands boosting people’s wellbeing with high-quality products.

The majority of which are small to medium-sized businesses that were launched after personally experiencing benefits from cannabinoids. In fact, small businesses, fuelled by their passion for the hemp plant, built the UK CBD industry from the ground up.

Contrary to what has been occasionally pushed in mainstream media, the majority of independent CBD businesses have been incredibly proactive in self-regulating and ensuring the best possible customer experiences. We have a great tight-knit network of ethical sellers amongst us.

But with such a wide range of excellent companies to choose from, why on earth would you use BROWN’S CBD for your hemp needs? Read on to find out.

BROWN’S CBD founder Laurence Brown and his partner Irene


For us, improving wellbeing is the ultimate goal. In order to achieve this, we prioritise offering products containing as many compounds as legally possible.

Our oils are packed with cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other plant compounds that can contribute to an optimal experience. They have a darker colour than many oils available due to the retention of plant matter, which we believe contributes to their overall potency.

Some of the UK CBD industry sadly seems to be moving towards oils containing just pure CBD alone. While CBD Isolate oils still benefit consumers, they are denatured products and really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to improving health outcomes.

Isolate does have its uses, such as our CBD patches or CBD balm. But for ingestible products we always prefer full-spectrum.


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Further to efficacy, our world-class manufacturing team produces our oils to the highest possible food safety standards – ISO 22000.

This certification ensures customer safety through a consistent supply of safe, honest, and fully traceable oils.

Any products sourced from other providers such as our hemp capsules and gummies are also fully vetted before being included in our range.

Bundle deals and loyalty points

High-quality CBD products are not cheap, so we try our best to make them as affordable as possible for our customers. By using our bundle deals, customers can save up to 20% on their orders when buying multiple products. All-year-round.

People tend to buy products individually to ensure efficacy and then commit to a larger order to save money for long-term use.

We also offer a generous loyalty point scheme for any customer who creates an account with us. This allows them to accumulate 5p for every £1 spent, which quickly adds up.

We practice what we preach

Last but certainly not least, every product that we sell has benefited our own well-being in one way or another. Which makes selling the products very easy.

We are a small business, run by myself, Laurence, my partner Irene and the occasional help from other family members. And we all use the products offered to improve our lives with great success.

People tend to compliment us on our personal touch, and being able to speak to people in the same shoes as them rather than a corporate giant. In the end, we’re just trying our very best to add value to your lives through honest and effective products at the best possible price.

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If you’re interested in finding out more info about our products or company, CLICK HERE to head over to our online shop today.

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Beauty & Skincare

95% of patients with rare skin condition report improvements with cannabis topicals

Epidermolysis Bullosa causes severe blistering which can become infected after any trauma or friction.



Skin condition: A white cream with a green cannabis leaf on top. It is surrounded by dark oil bottles and a spoon that has cream on it. This is on a dark background

A new study of a rare skin condition has revealed that different preparations of cannabinoids could have benefits for patients with painful Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is the name of a group of rare inherited skin disorders that can cause the skin to become fragile.

It is thought to be caused by a gene mutation that makes the skin more fragile and any trauma or friction can cause painful blisters on the skin. There is currently no cure but treatment aims to prevent infection and reduce symptoms.

The study from the Netherlands and the United States analysed EB patients on five different continents who reported using cannabis preparations as a treatment for their rare skin condition.

The data is published in the Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases. The patients reported using topical cannabinoid products in addition to inhaling cannabis flowers. They also consumed cannabis-infused edibles.

Patients were given a survey on their skin condition that focused on monitoring effects including perceived EB symptom changes, medication use, and side effects. 

Skin condition results

Results recorded that 95 percent said the topicals improved their overall skin condition symptoms with 94 percent stating their pain levels were decreased.

A further 91 percent said they had less itching and 81 reported wound healing was improved. Most of the participants at 79 percent said they had decreased their medication for their skin condition. The only side effect with a notable significance was dry mouth at 44 percent.

The authors noted that cannabis improved patient’s “perception of pain, pruritus, wound-healing, and well-being … and reduced concomitant medication use.”

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They wrote that: “Future prospective controlled clinical studies are warranted to elucidate the potential role of CBMs (cannabis-based medicines) in EB treatment.”

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Pro-skateboarder owned performance brand, Just Live to launch CBD sparkling water

A professional skateboarder and multiple X Games gold medalist Paul Rodriguez co-founded the brand with NBA, motocross and pro-soccer players.



Pro - skateboarding: A man on a skateboard jumps into the air

Just Live an athlete owned performance CBD brand has partnered with wellness company, Vertical Wellness and canafarma to release a line of sparkling water.

A professional skateboarder and multiple X Games gold medalist Paul Rodriguez co-founded the brand with professional soccer player and World Cup winner, Alex Morgan. They were joined by NBA Championship winner Klay Thompson and motocross competitor Travis Pastrana.

The CBD infused sparkling waters will include flavours such as meyer lemon, cranberry raspberry, lime with mint, clementine, mixed berry and grapefruit. Each drink will contain 25 mg of CBD and are THC and alcohol-free. The launch in late 2021 will focus on six different U.S. markets, with national expansion estimated for 2022.

Smoke Wallin, the CEO of Vertical Wellness said: “There’s no brand out there with this kind of athletic support. I couldn’t be more excited to be introducing Just Live CBD Sparkling Waters with our national distributors to our major retailers and hospitality partners in select markets.”

Pro-skateboarder: A black banner advertising sports CBD oil

Professional skateboarder injury recovery

All of the athletes involved in Just Live have their own CBD experience. Motocross, soccer, basketball and skateboarding can cause a range of injuries especially as an athlete’s career progresses.

Skateboarding in particular can cause high impact blows to the body. While it can cause cuts or scrapes, the most common skateboarding injuries are fractures, especially the wrists. Paul Rodriguez has won countless major professional skateboarding events such as the 2014 X-Games where he took gold in the street event. His first major injury occurred while skating a stair set where his right leg went the opposite way from his body leaving him with a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), torn right and left meniscus and a tear in his MCL.

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Following surgery, he chose to replace opioids with CBD before incorporating it into his daily routine as well as professional skateboarding training.

Co-founder Alex Morgan is known for being one of the youngest members of the U.S Women’s National Soccer Team. She won a Gold Olympic Medal against Japan in the Summer Games in 2012 and co-captained the U.S team to victory in the FIFA World Cup 2019.

In a statement on the Just Live site, she says she uses CBD to unwind and also to help with shoulder pain. “I have a convincing experience when I sprained my shoulder and had a match 3 days later. I’ve used CBD on muscle aches and pains ever since. I also have a hard time winding down after a game, and have found that I am able to go to sleep earlier after a game and feel more rested when I have a CBD capsule or tincture following the match.”

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Cannabis and alcohol: What effects does CBD have when mixed with alcohol?



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