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Five of the best CBD oils on the market

Cannabis journalist, Ruby Deevoy, has tried and tested her fair share of CBD oils, here she shares her top five.



Finding the exceptional CBD oils takes time and testing

Cannabis journalist, Ruby Deevoy, has tried and tested her fair share of CBD oils, here she shares her top five.

CBD journalist, Ruby Deevoy

Figuring out which CBD oil to spend your hard earned cash on is almost enough of a minefield to put you off the whole thing entirely.

Let’s face it, CBD products aren’t cheap – and, sadly, there are more oils out there that aren’t worth it than are. However, if you find a high quality CBD oil that is all it claims to be (and more, given that CBD brands aren’t actually allowed to claim all that much!) it can be life-changing, and in fact it is for a hefty proportion of the people who make up the £480 million European CBD market

But how do you know which oils are great, and which oils are purely a product of jumping on a global band-wagon? 

What is CBD oil?

CBD (or Cannabidiol) is one of over 140 cannabinoids – molecules found in the cannabis plant.

CBD oil is a product created by extracting CBD (and, in full and broad spectrum CBD oils, a variety of other cannabinoids) and suspending in a carrier oil, to be taken under the tongue for a wide array of needs.

Cannabinoids have a remarkable interaction with many receptors in the body, including serotonin (which affects mood, digestion, sexual function and lots more), vanilloid (which work on pain transmission) and perhaps the most famously, by activating and supporting the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS is made up of receptors and endocannabinoids – neurotransmitters synthesised and released on demand to keep the body in balance. It acts as ‘homeostatic regulator’, meaning it keeps almost every single day-to-day bodily function working properly.

Should the ECS fail in any way, practically every ailment you can think of could happen as a result. Fortunately, CBD oil helps to support the ECS, even helping to boost endocannabinoid production, for a positive all-over-body and brain affect. 

There are things to look out for: has the oil been derived from organically grown cannabis? Is the oil isolate (the CBD molecule on it’s own, usually suspended in a carrier oil), broad spectrum (a selection of cannabinoids and terpenes, without THC) or full spectrum (whole plant, with THC included) – moreover, if labelled as full or broad spectrum, do the third party lab reports (which should be available on product web pages) really show a good range of cannabinoids present in worthy levels? Many CBD oils labelled as full spectrum often aren’t, on closer inspection.

These are key points, but even when hitting all the marks on paper, there is a comparably small range of CBD oils that seem to stand out from the ever-growing crowd.

Perhaps this comes down to using plants from a better cared-for cannabis grow; or real attention to detail, infusing terpenes and isolates to make something really unique. More often than not, a great CBD oil comes hand in hand with a brand that not only boasts but demonstrates in-depth understanding of the cannabis plant and all it’s moving parts, as well as a respect for the fact that what they’re selling might literally change somebody’s life.

In most cases, that’s what their customer is hoping for. So, finding the exceptional CBD oils takes time and testing – something most people can’t afford to do, but I have done for you.

With so many CBD oils now available, I’m far from having tried them all. But I have tested well over 100 on an array of case studies with ailments including fibromyalgia, PTSD and insomnia, to anxiety, fatigue and depression. And the oils on this list are the ones that have impressed above all others.

My top 5 CBD oils

Amma Life 10% Boost

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Amma Life 10% CBD OIL


This superior oil offers a formidable blend of CBD, CBDa, CBC, CBG and a range of all-important terpenes (which so many CBD oils neglect to include, but offer a plethora of therapeutic benefits in their own right). Having tested on a number of people with different needs, the earthy-tasting Amma Life Boost oil seems to excel when it comes to pain (emotional and physical) and PTSD.

Dreem Distillery

Dreem Cbd oil


A pricey one, no doubt, but amazing for getting sleep patterns back on track. And you certainly get your money’s worth with every drop, thanks to the hefty 2,400mg dose. The proprietary terpene blend, created specifically to aid with sleep, unusually high levels of CBDV (Cannabidivarin) and delicate mint flavour delivers night after night.

Herts Hemp CBG oil

Herts hemp cbd oil


The Herts Hemp CBD oil is great, but the CBG oil? Outstanding – particularly for pain. This is a true broad spectrum oil, with the most abundant cannabinoid being CBG, which unlike the CBD molecule activates the ECS receptors directly and is considerably better for reducing pain. Multiple testers suffering from back pain, EDS, migraines and even muscle aches developed due to long Covid, noticed their pain was considerably reduced within 20 minutes of taking a few drops.

Ardoa Amber M-Drops


Unlike most CBD brands, who derive cannabinoids from a single plant and take it as it comes, Ardoa formulates its oils with a mix of isolates, broad spectrum oils and terpenes for a range of products developed to target specific concerns. The result is something quite special, with their Indigo-66 drops being a dream for sleep, their Amber-42 proving efficacious for tackling menopausal symptoms, and Cerulean 53 as a potent all-rounder. This brand is a perfect example of what a deep understanding of and dedication to the wonders of the cannabis plant gets you.

Mindful Extracts

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CBD oil

From £36.99,

Sometimes you find a CBD oil which has such a profound impact that it can completely change someone’s life. This might just be one of them. I tested the 20 percent oil on a patient with dementia and various physical ailments, all of which came on after having multiple ischemic strokes. Just 10 minutes after taking half a pipette (a high dose) he went from barely being able to walk and talk to getting himself out of bed, walking across the room (with the help of a zimmer frame) and having a conversation. It was amazing to see.

Once you’ve chosen a CBD oil to try, it’s equally important to take it properly. It’s vital to be consistent, taking your preferred dose two or three times a day, every day – ideally right after eating or brushing your teeth, to aid absorption.

And give it time. Your body probably has some rebalancing to do, so give the cannabinoids a chance to do their thing by sticking with it for at least a month.

For more tips on how to get the most out of your CBD oil, take a look at our article ‘What’s the best way to take CBD?’

Ruby Deevoy is a CBD columnist for Top Sante, her journalism has appeared in The Independent, The Mirror, Breathe, Stylist and The Daily Mail among others. Follow her on Twitter @RDeevoy 

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Pro-skateboarder owned performance brand, Just Live to launch CBD sparkling water

A professional skateboarder and multiple X Games gold medalist Paul Rodriguez co-founded the brand with NBA, motocross and pro-soccer players.



Pro - skateboarding: A man on a skateboard jumps into the air

Just Live an athlete owned performance CBD brand has partnered with wellness company, Vertical Wellness and canafarma to release a line of sparkling water.

A professional skateboarder and multiple X Games gold medalist Paul Rodriguez co-founded the brand with professional soccer player and World Cup winner, Alex Morgan. They were joined by NBA Championship winner Klay Thompson and motocross competitor Travis Pastrana.

The CBD infused sparkling waters will include flavours such as meyer lemon, cranberry raspberry, lime with mint, clementine, mixed berry and grapefruit. Each drink will contain 25 mg of CBD and are THC and alcohol-free. The launch in late 2021 will focus on six different U.S. markets, with national expansion estimated for 2022.

Smoke Wallin, the CEO of Vertical Wellness said: “There’s no brand out there with this kind of athletic support. I couldn’t be more excited to be introducing Just Live CBD Sparkling Waters with our national distributors to our major retailers and hospitality partners in select markets.”

Pro-skateboarder: A black banner advertising sports CBD oil

Professional skateboarder injury recovery

All of the athletes involved in Just Live have their own CBD experience. Motocross, soccer, basketball and skateboarding can cause a range of injuries especially as an athlete’s career progresses.

Skateboarding in particular can cause high impact blows to the body. While it can cause cuts or scrapes, the most common skateboarding injuries are fractures, especially the wrists. Paul Rodriguez has won countless major professional skateboarding events such as the 2014 X-Games where he took gold in the street event. His first major injury occurred while skating a stair set where his right leg went the opposite way from his body leaving him with a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), torn right and left meniscus and a tear in his MCL.

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Following surgery, he chose to replace opioids with CBD before incorporating it into his daily routine as well as professional skateboarding training.

Co-founder Alex Morgan is known for being one of the youngest members of the U.S Women’s National Soccer Team. She won a Gold Olympic Medal against Japan in the Summer Games in 2012 and co-captained the U.S team to victory in the FIFA World Cup 2019.

In a statement on the Just Live site, she says she uses CBD to unwind and also to help with shoulder pain. “I have a convincing experience when I sprained my shoulder and had a match 3 days later. I’ve used CBD on muscle aches and pains ever since. I also have a hard time winding down after a game, and have found that I am able to go to sleep earlier after a game and feel more rested when I have a CBD capsule or tincture following the match.”

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Cannabis and IVF: Study reveals consumption may not be associated with compromised effects

The Canadian and Israeli study examined results from over 722 patients who consumed or did not consume cannabis



IVF: A person holding a blue and white pregnancy test looks down a positive result of two lines across a screen.

A study from researchers in Canada and Israel have revealed that a history of cannabis use is not associated with compromised effects on IVF.

The study, published in the Journal of Cannabis Use, on the effects of a person’s history of cannabis use found it is not associated with compromised effects on in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

The team of researchers from Canada and Israel studied IVF treatment outcomes of male and female, non-donor patients who were cannabis consumers or not. They focused on the ongoing pregnancy rate as well as oocyte yield, fertilization rate, peak serum estradiol, sperm, and embryo quality.

There were 722 participants involved in the research of which, 68 percent were cannabis users who were mostly defined as light consumers. The study revealed a similar implantation rate at 40.74 percent compared to 41.13 percent. It also highlighted similar rates of ongoing pregnancy at 35.2 percent to 29.1 percent between users and non-users. There were no significant differences between consumers and non-consumers in any of the other areas of focus.

IVF and cannabis use

They stated: “Our study did not show any detrimental impact of current cannabis use on any of the measured IVF outcomes. … All the reproductive outcomes of cannabis users and non-users in our study were comparable. These parameters included measures of ovarian response, sperm quality, the efficiency of fertilisation, early embryonic development, and implantation.”

“In fact, the ongoing pregnancy rate per cycle start trended higher for the group of cannabis users (35.2 percent vs. 29.1 percent). This could partially relate to the female participants in the user group being younger than the non-user counterparts.”

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The concluded: “They concluded, “The results of this study are in line with the newer studies suggesting that the use of cannabis is not associated with a compromised outcome for couples undergoing IVF.”

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Red Eyez: Making CBD accessible to the masses

Red Eyez CBD founder Darshan Patel shares his industry insight with Cannabis Health News along with advice for those looking to get started in the industry



Red Eyez: A collection of CBD jars and bottles against a pink and orange sunset

CBD could be a part of everyone’s daily wellbeing routine, but it needs to be affordable first, says founder of Red Eyez CBD, Darshan Patel.

Red Eyez CBD founder Darshan Patel shares his industry insight with Cannabis Health News. The potential benefits of CBD are well reported, and with increasing awareness of the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) the world is starting to wake up to the fact that this natural supplement could bring a boost to everyone’s well-being.

There’s just one catch; as well as making the commitment to improve your health, you have to be prepared to make the financial investment.

The founder of UK-based CBD brand Red Eyez, Darshan Patel is trying to change that. He believes that the wealth of CBD products on the market right now are overpriced, with companies driving up price points to make huge profits.

Red Eyez broad-spectrum CBD

When Patel brought his 1000mg broad-spectrum oil to the market after his launch in August 2020 – the ideal starting point he says, for those wanting to try CBD for the first time – it was priced at £19.99.

It’s a stark contrast to the costs of some products out there, which can reach into the triple figures.

“When I started looking at CBD, the first bottle I saw was £119 for 10ml. It put me off straight away,” says Patel.

“That’s a big investment for someone to be able to jump in and use it regularly.”

He continues: “We’re trying to bring CBD products to the market which are affordable to everybody.

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“There are a lot of products on the market that are highly-priced, but we’re bringing the same or better quality products for a fraction of that.

“We want to get CBD into people’s cupboards and into their routine as something they use daily, because that’s when they stand to benefit the most.”

Patel wants to make CBD accessible to everyone, not just those with enough disposable income at their fingertips. All of us have an ECS, so we all stand to benefit from its properties.

“People are becoming aware of the fact that we all have ECS, so realistically we need to have access to this supplement,” he says.

“Just as people take vitamins, CBD should be something that is added into your daily routine, but it needs to be affordable first.”

Red Eyez also offers a wide range of products to ensure there is something for everyone.

Red Eyez: A bottle of CBD oil against a yellow background. The bottle is next to the white box

Red Eyez flavours

Its broad spectrum oils come in tempting flavours such as tropical, as well as the cannabis-themed strains of Gelato, Z Skittles, Strawberry Kush and Lemon Skunk which are flavoured with added terpenes.

As well as tinctures, topicals, edibles, bath bombs and CBD-infused coffee, its new range of superfood nootropics capsules have just launched on Amazon.

“Our oils and nootropics are a fun way of taking CBD, people are often wary of the taste but the flavours make it more appealing,” says Patel.

“But we still offer the full spectrum oil which has the original hemp taste, so there is something for every type of consumer.”

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Business has been good since the site launched last summer, with the impact of the pandemic meaning people are more conscious of their health and wellbeing.

But having a lower-priced product can work against you, admits Patel.

“Some people assume that if our bottle of oil costs £20 and somebody else’s is £60, then it must be lower quality, but people still don’t really know what they are buying when it comes to CBD,” he says.

“It’s important to get the message out there that a higher markup doesn’t necessarily mean a higher quality product.

He adds: “Our average sales may be lower than many in the market, but our return rate is good, people keep coming back because they want to try CBD products and affordability is a big thing.”

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