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The UK CBD start-up doing things differently: We reviewed The Good Level’s full-spectrum products

The Good Level offer high-quality products that are shaking up the industry and offering something new



The Good Level: A collection of products from CBD company, the good level on a grey background

Finding a CBD brand that knocks your socks off in today’s saturated market is a real challenge. The Good Level is aiming to change that by shaking up the same old CBD business models and offering something new.

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They start with a website, pay a marketing agency to do some flashy branding for them, and then import cheap, low-quality hemp from overseas before making it into lacklustre CBD oil. Ultimately, no matter which brand you choose, you end up having the same experience.

However, now there might be an exception. A small grassroots company called The Good Level is trying to change how the industry operates – at least, in the UK.

Its founders, Joe and Jonny, actively reject the status quo described above and are totally reshaping how CBD production works. For instance, they prefer to offer their customers full-spectrum CBD oils that contain additional plant compounds that may support health. They also use cold-pressed extraction methods, not harsh chemical alternatives that can damage active ingredients. Plus, they actively support British farming, nurturing relationships with producers on a personal, one-to-one basis.

On the consumer side, The Good Level offers products that taste superior to mainstream offerings. For instance, it drip-feeds crops so that it has complete control over how leaves and buds turn out. Unlike most brands, it doesn’t use MCT oil as a carrier. Instead, it uses extra virgin olive oil which not only tastes far better than MCT oil, there is no requirement for refrigeration. And it includes pipettes with its vials so that you can control exactly how much CBD you take in a single serving.

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Given the brand’s impressive credentials, we thought we would check out their products and see whether all their hard work has made a difference. Spoiler: they did not disappoint!

Jelly Dots

You can think of The Good Level’s CBD jelly dots as the brand’s version of regular gummies. Like those of other brands, the product is vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. But the real difference is in the quality of the CBD that you get in each serving.

The Good level: Three pots of CBD gummies on a green background

Joe and Jonny promise their customers cold-pressed CBD derived from UK-based hemp grown under controlled conditions. When you eat the brand’s jelly dots, you get a genuine sense of wellbeing that can be hard to find using other products on the market that rely on imported hemp.

The Good Level’s Jelly Dots come in a variety of flavours including kaffir lime, Corfu lemon and Cara Cara orange. Each pack contains lab-tested CBD, plus other natural ingredients specially selected by Joe and Jonny. As with the other products in The Good Level range, jelly dots use olive oil which dramatically improves the taste.

The Good Level Oils

The Good Level’s CBD oils are where it all started. Joe and Jonny were sick and tired of subpar hemp and chemical processing destroying the wellness benefits of the compound. So they began their business as a way to create the quality CBD they needed for themselves. At first, it was just an experiment. But after friends and family saw how much their unique processes were helping them, they soon realised that they had a genuine business model on their hands. Before long, Joe and Jonny were selling CBD commercially.

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Today, just a couple of years later, the brand offers a range of CBD oils, all comprising different “levels.” CBD Oil Level 1 is the brand’s entry-level product. The carrier is pressed from Greek Kalamata olives, giving it a unique and delicate flavour that never overwhelms the palate. Like other products in the range, it is full-spectrum, offering 500mg or 1500mg of CBD per bottle, plus natural flavourings. Unlike most CBD oils, pipetting a few drops of this onto the tongue is a pleasant experience.

CBD oils: Three bottles of CBD oil on a white surface

CBD Oil Level 2 is a little stronger. Like Level 1, it has a smooth taste with a gentle, nutty aroma and, again, uses olive oil to aid absorption. But it is suitable for people who want a higher dose per drop of oil. It comes supplied in The Good Level’s amber bottles to prevent degradation by sunlight or UV rays. As before, The Good Level refuses to put anything into the blend that people might consider “unnatural” so, as always, you know you are getting the best

The brand’s most potent product is CBD Oil Level 3. This doubles the CBD content yet again to 6,000mg per pack, making CBD oil a full 20 percent of the volume. To increase the CBD content of the oil, The Good Level first cold-pressed hemp oil and then adds isolates from trusted European sources. The oil is delicious and absorbs effortlessly under the tongue after around 60 seconds.

CBD Balms

Research shows that cannabidiol can penetrate the skin and interact with nerve cell receptors deeper down. This interaction then generates a cascade that eventually speeds up the recovery process, allowing people to get back to training faster.

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Founder Jonny’s main motivation for founding The Good Level was to enhance his recovery after sports practice, so it should come as no surprise that the brand now offers a balm to fitness enthusiasts and anyone else who leads an active lifestyle.

The Good Level’s CBD Muscle and Skin Balm hold true to the brand’s principle of always using natural ingredients. The main carriers are beeswax and olive oil which give it a beautiful consistency and leave the skin feeling supple and fresh. The moisturising effects are so good that most people won’t need to use their regular moisturiser on the areas that they target. It keeps skin looking full, hydrated and beautiful.

The good level: CBD balm on a blue background with a smudge of balm beside the open tin

Critically, The Good Level does not use petroleum-based lubricants popular in other products – great for sensitive skin. It’s all part of the brand’s drive to make its products “as nature intended.”

So, to conclude, The Good Level is a CBD brand hell-bent on improving standards in the UK CBD sector. We think it is a must-try brand for anyone not getting the results they want from cheap, imported hemp. If that’s not enough to convince you, the brand’s products also taste so much better than regular options.

They’ve also currently got a 25% off sale running on their website and if you use the code CM15 you’ll get an additional 15 percent off.

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Rapper Lil’ Kim announces new cannabis brand ‘aphrodisiac’

The New York rapper becomes the latest celebrity to launch their own cannabis collection which is due in 2022.



Image: Instagram/lilkimthequeenbee

The singer has announced the launch of her own cannabis brand, Aphrodisiac which is being produced in partnership with Superbad inc.

Lil Kim’s new products will be available across California in 2022, although there is no official launch date announced.

The brand is being produced in collaboration with the innovative cannabis brand, Superbad inc. Superbad was established in 2020 combining cutting edge technology and sleek design for cannabis consumers. They currently have seven acres of indoor grow and a “state-of-the-art facility” employing over 200 people.

Kimberly Denise Jones who goes by her stage name, Lil’ Kim has been working on the brand for two years. She has also partnered with the brand CampNova, which offer vertically integrated marketing and a distribution platform.

The rapper wants the cannabis line to reflect her personal style and says she has personally tested her own products. The collection is tailored to Lil’ Kim’s own preference in genetics and strains.

Lil' Kim: A banner advert for Always Pure Organics

Lil’ Kim collection

There are plans to expand the range to other legal states such as Michigan, New Jersey and New York. Originally from New York, Lil’ Kim hopes to be able to release the collection in her home state.

In an interview with Forbes magazine, she said: “I’ve actually been working on this for about two and a half to three years. This is something that didn’t just come overnight. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Lil’ Kim is the latest celebrity to enter the cannabis space with her own collection. Earlier this year, Justin Bieber announced he would be releasing a collection of pre-rolls called Peaches with premium brand Palms. The products are currently available in California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Florida.

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In a press release, he stated: “I’m a fan of Palms and what they are doing by making cannabis approachable and helping to destigmatise it — especially for the many people who find it helpful for their mental health.”


Image rights: Lil’ Kim

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Always Pure Organics: A day in the life with Chikako Yoshida

Regional Director of Asia, Chikako Yoshida, gives us a glimpse of her typical workday and discusses working in cannabis.



Always Pure Organics: A man and a woman working on a laptop.

Chikako Yoshida, regional director of Asia for Always Pure Organics shares her experience of working in the cannabis industry.

Always Pure Organics is excited to give you a glimpse behind the curtain once again.

Join us for our latest episode of a Day in the Life, in which regional director of Asia, Chikako Yoshida discusses her experience working for Always Pure Organics and in the cannabis industry.

Always Pure Organics: A woman walking down a white and yellow hallway

In this episode, we follow our Regional Director of Asia, Chikako Yoshida, as she takes us through her typical workday. Having previously worked in counterterrorism for the United Nations, Chikako joined the APO team in May 2020. Chikako has such an interesting story to tell, we’re honoured to have her on the team as she embodies our mission to cultivate cannabis acceptance and accessibility worldwide. 

Chikako Yoshida said: “Upon learning about the power of cannabis and seeing the high potential growth of Always Pure Organics, I decided to change career from preventing illicit drugs to promoting cannabis to help people in need. I feel that by joining APO, I can help fulfil my life’s mission to support children and their families who fight against illness and sickness by providing them with cannabis products.”

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Always Pure Organics: A banner explaining how the collaborative post works

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CBGA may be ‘more potent’ than CBD against seizures in Dravet syndrome

Dr Lyndsey Anderson said there is more to explore when it comes to creating more treatment options for Dravet syndrome.



Seizure: A row of test tubes containing CBGA oil with a doctors white gloved hand holding one up to the light

Scientists say they have found the ‘Mother of all cannabinoids’ which may help to reduce seizures in Dravet syndrome.

A new study on mice from the University of Sydney found that three acidic cannabinoids found in cannabis reduced seizures in Dravet syndrome, an intractable form of childhood epilepsy.

The three cannabinoids are cannabigerolic acid (CBGA), cannabidivarinic acid (CBDVA), cannabigerovarinic acid (CBGVA). All three but CBGA in particular “may contribute to the effects of cannabis-based products in childhood epilepsy” noted the researchers and were found to potentially have ‘anticonvulsant properties.”

The study marks the first time that three acidic cannabinoids were found to potentially help reduce seizures for Dravet syndrome.

Speaking with Cannabis Health News, the lead author of the study, Dr Lyndsey Anderson, said: “We found that CBGA exhibited both anticonvulsant and pro-convulsant effects. CBGA was more potent than CBD against febrile seizures in a mouse model of Dravet syndrome. We also found that a combination of CBGA and clobazam was more effective than either treatment alone. Additionally, we found that CBGA was anticonvulsant in the maximal electroshock acute seizure model, a model for generalized tonic-clonic seizures.”

She added: “CBGA did, however, present some proconvulsant effects. The frequency of spontaneous seizures in the mouse model of Dravet syndrome was increased with a high dose of CBGA. Also, CBGA was proconvulsant in the 6-Hz acute seizure model, a model of focal, psychomotor seizures.”

Although CBGA shows promise, Dr Anderson also stressed that it needs more research before it can replace CBD. She cautioned that Dravet syndrome patients may still need to proceed with caution.

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“Artisanal cannabis-based products are believed to reduce seizures in Dravet syndrome patients,” she said. “As these oils contain rare cannabinoids like CBGA, it is possible CBGA then contributes to the anticonvulsant effects of these artisanal cannabis oils. However, there were proconvulsant effects observed with CBGA, suggesting that Dravet syndrome patients may need to proceed with caution. The proconvulsant liability of CBGA would need to be addressed before it replaced CBD as an anticonvulsant.”

What is CBGA?

Sometimes referred to as ‘the mother of all cannabinoids,’ CBGA is the precursor molecule to many different cannabinioids including CBD and THC. It is thought to help some diseases such as colon cancer, metabolic disease and cardiovascular disease. It is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid much like CBD.

Dr Anderson explains that more research is needed to explain how the three cannabinoids work together.

“We don’t know how they work together yet,” she said. “We found that CBGA, CBDVA and CBGVA were all individually anticonvulsant against thermally induced seizures in the mouse model of Dravet syndrome. We did not investigate whether a combination of these three cannabinoids would result in a greater anticonvulsant effect than either cannabinoid alone. Future work will definitely explore this possibility.”  

CBGA future research

This isn’t the end of the research into CBGA for Dravet Syndrome. Dr Anderson said there is more to explore when it comes to creating more treatment options for Dravet syndrome.


She said: “Next on the horizon for this research is to explore whether the anticonvulsant properties of CBDVA and CBGVA translate to other seizure types including spontaneous seizures in the mouse model of Dravet syndrome. Additionally, we have extensively interrogated the anticonvulsant potential of individual cannabinoids and identified ten with anticonvulsant properties.”

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“We are now interested in investigating what happens when we combine these anticonvulsant properties. It remains an open possibility that greater anticonvulsant effects are achieved when the cannabinoids are administered in combination.”

The study was recently published in the British Journal of Pharmacology (DOI: 10.1111/bph.15661)

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