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Cannabotech opens ‘first of its kind’ flagship store in Westfield Shopping Centre

The new London location is just one of many planned for across Europe showcasing their unique formulas for medicinal mushrooms and CBD



Cannabotech: The front of the new store in Westfield

The new Cannabotech store offers cutting edge technology allowing customers to scan their health while shopping.

The store offers new technology that allows customers to have their health scanned in-store. The My Being™ technology reads the blood vessels in the skin before giving a reading on a person’s stress levels, blood pressure, heart rate and breathing.

This can help the Cannabotech team to make tailored recommendations for each person’s requirements. Customers can also log their health journey to see the changes they have made over time.

The brand is also one of the first companies to combine the benefits of medicinal mushrooms with CBD.

Speaking with Cannabis Health News, Elchanan Shaked CEO of Cannabotech explained why the UK was the perfect location for the store.

“Our idea is to combine different strategies of Cannabotech including a physical store, online activity and we might open clinics in the UK. We believe this way, we will build a lot of trust and give a lot of education from our strong scientific team. The UK is a leader in the CBD market and an early adopter of the latest developments in the industry.”

Westfield is just the beginning as the company plan to open other branches next year in different locations. They are also interested in expanding to other parts of Europe such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They plan to launch in California next year.

Cannabotech’s M²CBD formula

The unique M²CBD formula of Cannabotech products combines traditional mushrooms for the different health concerns they have identified. The store features stand for each health concern such as ageing or stress. Mushrooms include reishi, lion’s mane and cordyceps among others. The product range includes skincare, oils and food supplements.

Medical mushrooms are a growing industry. Industry research and investment website, Market Watch estimated that medical mushrooms were worth US$3557 in 2020. This looks set to increase by 7 per cent by 2027.

Dr Basem Fares, R&D director of Cannabotech said: “We did a lot of research into the delivery systems and solubility of CBD isolate, which we use in the product along with various compounds of medical mushrooms. We focus on the dosage that is needed to get the bio effect we are looking for in each product. We have a patent about the delivery system itself and a second one about the mixtures and different doses of CBD used in each product.”

Cannabotech: Two of the presentation tables displaying Cannabotech products in store

When it comes to CBD and mushrooms, how aware are consumers of the health benefits they could offer?

Dr Yuval Heled, Integrative and Exercise Physiologist, part of the scientific board at Cannabotech explained: “Our job is to educate people. This is definitely part of the company, for us as preventive health care scientists, to educate people on how to achieve better health. We give them another tool in their toolbox for healthy living.”

Cannabotech technology

The store is equipped with the latest technology to help customers identify any health concerns. It can also offer an interactive educational experience.

“We have a lot of technical elements that start with face-scanning to show your existing wellbeing status. We can measure you by a selfie, from your smartphone so we can see your blood pressure, stress and five other physiological matters. We also have a play table with the latest technology where you can answer any question you may have.”

The play table is an interactive space in the centre of the store which allows customers to find the answer to any questions they may have about mushrooms or CBD. Placing one of the tubes onto the table, allows customers to select individual mushrooms or see how the endocannabinoid system works with CBD.

Cannabotech: The play table instore allowing customers to learn about mushrooms

Cannabotech visit

Cannabis Health News editor, Caroline Barry decided to visit Cannabotech to learn about the benefits of mushrooms and have her health scanned.

“I try to stay as healthy as I possibly can but I often don’t have time to get my health checked as much as I would like to. I like that Cannabotech offers me the chance to pop in while shopping to check how I’m doing. While it felt like a bit like taking a strange selfie while standing in the store, the scan was extremely quick offering me results in under ten minutes.”

“The scan was quick to report my heart rate and stress levels, which were elevated due to getting slightly lost in Westfield shopping centre. I was happy to see that most of my vitals were in the average range. If the scan identifies something as ‘poor’ then it can be broken down to show you why. It was a relief to see my overall physical vitals described as ‘good.’

“The staff were incredibly friendly and knowledgeable about mushrooms, while I grow my own lion’s mane and oyster varieties at home, it was fun to play with the tech table to learn more. It’s a great entry point for anyone interested in the benefits of mushrooms and CBD who hasn’t used either before.”


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