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Five ways to take CBD for a restful night’s sleep

Sleep is essential to our health and wellbeing, with somewhere between seven to nine hours being optimum to help ensure we feel rested



Orange County CBD explains how CBD may help with issues such as insomnia, poor sleep and difficulties relaxing before going to bed.

Could CBD help us to get better sleep?

Research shows that more than a third of UK adults struggle to get to sleep on at least a weekly basis, and one in five people has this issue every night. 

It’s no wonder that Google estimates there are more than 100,000 UK searches every month search for things like ‘can’t sleep’, ‘insomnia’ and ‘help with sleep’.

Sleep is essential to our health and wellbeing, with somewhere between seven to nine hours being optimum to help ensure we feel rested and have the energy needed to go about our day. Sleep is when the body performs essential functions such as repairing muscles and tissue and a good sleep cycle is considered to be hugely significant in maintaining good health, physically and mentally.

Can CBD help you sleep?

The scientific studies into the effects and benefits of CBD are still in relatively early stages, but many early signs are promising when it comes to potentially supporting healthy sleep, wake cycles in some people who take it regularly and over a sustained period of time.

Many of those who take CBD say that it aids relaxation, which in turn can help them to fall asleep more quickly than they otherwise would. Here are some tips for different ways to take CBD that could help you get a more restful night’s sleep.

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CBD oil just before bedtime

Those who prefer oil as their product of choice can take it before bed in a couple of different ways. For some, drops of CBD oil under their tongue is a fast-acting way to get it into the system, as is a spray into the back of the mouth. Alternatively, some people prefer to take their nightly dose of CBD oil in their bedtime drink. Making your CBD a part of your nightly routine makes it much less likely that you’ll forget to take it.

A CBD gummy or two before you sleep

Whilst CBD gummies are a great option at any time of the day, taking a couple of them before bed can be a good way to aid relaxation at the right time to help you get off to a sweet night’s sleep. Each gummy has a set dose so it’s really simple to keep track of dosing.

CBD face cream before bed

Making CBD part of your nightly skincare routine can help not only keep your skin hydrated but can also help you get a night-time dose quickly and easily. With a CBD face cream, you apply it topically just like you would with any other face cream product, but you get all of the potential benefits of CBD at the same time as looking after your skin.

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Level up the relaxation with a bath bomb

Taking a warm bath before bed can be a great way to relax and by adding in a CBD bath bomb, you can dial up the self-care by getting a dose at the same time. With a blend of citrus scents, Epsom salts, essential oils and, of course, CBD oil too, this bath bomb can become part of your regular relaxation routine after a busy or stressful day.

A pre-night-time vape

If you’re a vaper, whether you use rechargeable or disposable vapes, you may well already vape in the lead-up to bedtime. Using high-quality CBD e-liquid in your vape could be a great way to take a dose of CBD at a key time when you’re going through your normal bedtime routine.

As CBD seems to be most effective when taken regularly and over a sustained period of time, it’s recommended to take your nightly dose (however you choose to do it) for at least a few weeks if you hope to improve your sleep.

If you haven’t taken it before, it’s also best to start with a lower dose and gradually increase this over time if needed.

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