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Mirari Co: Nicky Visser shares how CBD helped her health journey

“I decided to share my oils with anyone that might want a product that can aid them with their journey to wellness.”



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Breast cancer survivor and creator of Mirari Co range of CBD, Nicky Visser shares her health journey and explains what led to the creation of her brand.

My name is Nicky Visser and I am the creator of the Mirari Co. range of CBD massage and body oils. 

This is my story of hope and how the pandemic made me think about how to help myself and others living with chronic pain and discomfort, naturally. 

I am a twice breast cancer survivor and sadly had to have a mastectomy after my second diagnosis.

I had an emergency operation three days after the mastectomy to remove a 1.4-litre blood clot that was building up in the mastectomy area, so my scar was not the best looking. The pain was excruciating and I was desperate to find a natural alternative for my situation. 

By the second diagnosis of the same breast cancer, I had radiotherapy which affected the targeted area, leaving me with a very painful area and burn. 

Having radiotherapy has left me with a few side effects. I understand it is different for everyone.

Osteo Arthritis (OA)

• Severely burned skin (2nd Degree)

• Sensitivity to sunlight

• Skin tenderness

This year I started to suffer from plantar fasciitis. It is an extreme pain that can affect both feet. I went to a doctor to seek medical advice and help, as I could hardly walk and my heels and feet were red and felt inflamed.

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Mirari Co. creation

After several x-rays and scans and waiting for a prolonged period, I was offered medication to block the pain, but I kindly declined. I decided to massage my calves and heels 2-3 times daily with Mirari Co. oil and it has improved substantially, it really is amazing.

Being a dog trainer and behaviourist means being on your feet for long periods of time and this has helped me be productive at work with renewed optimism.

I started making small bottles for family and friends and they found it remarkable how it helped with aches and pains…

We have wonderful reviews, I am happy to mention a few. One of our customers is a Professor of Osteopathy, She is one of only five women in the world who has used our oil, loved it and left us a wonderful video review. Another customer of ours is a tennis coach suffering from a reoccurring injury and after a week being able to return to court. We are proud to have reviews from people from all walks of life.

I decided to share my oils with anyone that might want a product that can aid them with their journey to wellness.

From sportspeople to anyone offering massage in their profession and finally the general public that believes in the power of mother nature and the relief that could be experienced by using these wonderful natural products.


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