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5 ways CBD could make taking part in Dry January easier

Struggling to make it through the 30 days? CBD could help make it a little bit more bearable.



CBD: An alcohol free cocktail

Taking part in Dry January is no easy challenge. Here we’ve listed five ways that CBD may help to make it a little bit easier.

Studies show that a third of people who take part in Dry January fail to make it through the full 30 days of the challenge. Despite this, the alcohol-free market is booming with the industry predicted to rise to $24 billion in the next four years.

The CBD drinks industry is also increasing in size. There are now multiple options for nights out, nights in or even morning after coffee replacements.

We look at 5 reasons that CBD could help you make it through the rest of the month tee-total.

1 – Health benefits

Alcohol isn’t exactly known for its health benefits. Although there is some debate about the occasional glass of red wine, most alcohol, especially drank in larger quantities may cause damage. Heavy drinking can raise your blood cholesterol levels and increase your risk of a heart attack.

It can also leave long term effects on your mental health increasing depression, memory problems, insomnia and also anxiety.

Adding a drop or two of oil to your soft drink may not sound like much but the health benefits could give you an added boost.

Even being selective about the carrier oil that the CBD is in could work to your advantage. CBD is added to a carrier oil to aid absorption in the body. The most common oils are MCT, hemp seed oil or olive oil.

Hemp seed oil contains omega three and six fatty acids which are essential for the body. It is also high in antioxidants. Some studies show that MCT oil may aid weight loss by reducing appetite and increasing metabolism. Alternatively, olive oil is high in vitamins K, E and iron.

2 – Better skin

Alcohol can have a damaging effect on our skin. As we drink, it reduces the production of an anti-diuretic hormone causing us to lose water and sodium more quickly. As a result, our skin is one of the first places we notice the effects of a heavy night out.

Reducing alcohol intake or even a few weeks alcohol-free should cause a reduction in redness, pore size and also increase hydration in the skin.

A study showed that CBD may be anti-inflammatory when it comes to multiple sclerosis inflammation. CBD may interact with two receptors, CB1 and CB2 that are found in the body helping to soothe an inflammatory response.

Another small study from 2019 measured the response in 20 participants suffering from scarring, psoriasis or eczema. It discovered that CBD may help to improve skin hydration, moisture and prevent water loss. The researcher stated this may be due to the fatty acids in the topical used or its anti-inflammatory properties.

3- Hangover free and better sleep

We’ve all been there when you wake up from the morning after the night before with a pounding head and dry mouth. One of the best parts to dry January or sober living is the feeling of waking up hangover-free.

Even though we aren’t topping up our favourite tipples, we can still enjoy a late night. It can be really hard to get to sleep after a party or evening with friends, especially as alcohol is normally a sedative.

A few drops of CBD, a carefully applied patch or even a capsule popped before bed could help you get some well-deserved rest before enjoying a headache-free morning.

A study examined if CBD could help sleep or anxiety. Researchers took 72 participants with anxiety and poor sleep. They were given 25 mg of CBD in a capsule daily. Within the first month, 79.2 per cent reported lower anxiety levels while 66.7 per cent reported better sleep as a result.

Alcohol free: Two cocktails in short glasses with an array of herbs surrounding the glasses

4 – Alcohol replacement

Soft drinks aren’t always the answer. Juice has a lot of calories and sweeteners that can cause tooth problems over time. Caffeinated drinks such as Coke can cause sleeplessness when drank in large quantities.

It can be difficult to choose something different in venues as the level of choice is not the same. The popularity of CBD drinks is making it easier to find alternatives out there. Some venues are now offering CBD cocktails or beer on their menu however this remains a relatively untapped market.

House parties or social gatherings can be easier as you can bring your ‘beer’ with you. Pre-mixed CBD drinks offer great alternatives to vodka, gin or other spirits. They look almost the same as their alcoholic counterparts meaning it’s difficult for people to tell the difference. This is a perfect option if you are missing the feel of a drink or tired of drinking countless orange juices or diet cokes.

5 – Anxiety

Sometimes not drinking can cause anxiety especially if someone has quit for health reasons or if they have experienced issues with addiction. It may even be the thought of entering a party or spending time with multiple people that causes a person to feel anxiety.

Adding a few drops of CBD or taking a tincture before a party may help to reduce anxiety. A person may also experience a low mood when thinking about the evening ahead of them or feel pressured to take part in the drinking.

CBD may have a positive interaction with the hormone, serotonin in our brains. Serotonin is involved with a lot of different functions in our bodies but it impacts a person’s happiness and emotional well-being. Low serotonin levels are associated with depression. A review of studies showed that CBD may have anti-stress effects that could reduce depression and anxiety.

Alcohol: A subscription banner for cannabis health news

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Food & Drink

Five delicious CBD recipes to start your day

Potyque shares five quick and easy CBD recipes.



Five delicious CBD recipes to start your day

Enjoy your favourite CBD oil in your morning breakfast, for a relaxed and easy start to the day. Potyque shares five quick and easy CBD recipes here. 

There are plenty of ways to enjoy your CBD oil, but food and drink is one of the very best.

Infusing your favourite meals with CBD oil is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to enjoy the properties of CBD, but choosing to add it to your breakfast can be a great, relaxing way to begin the day. 

Lavender & Honey CBD Latte

Lavender has calming properties of its own, but infusing it with some milk, honey and your preferred dose of CBD, will create an early morning beverage that is sure to ease you into the day ahead.

Grab some of your favourite milk and heat it up in a microwave or in a small saucepan. Add the dried lavender, a tea strainer is best for this, or add it straight to the milk and strain it out once heated through. You can then add your honey and CBD to finish off. 

CBD Green Smoothie

A tasty and healthy way to start the day, the green smoothie is a firm early morning favourite, especially for those always on the go. Add a whole banana, half a mango, a handful of spinach, almond milk and your dose of CBD oil to a blender and blend until smooth. This is a great recipe if you find that you’re especially stressed trying to get out the door on time.  

CBD Infused Breakfast Pancakes

Everyone loves pancakes and they can be the perfect treat for an indulgent weekend breakfast. To make your pancakes extra special, make up your pancake batter and add your CBD oil to the mixture. You can then top your finished pancakes with your favourite toppings, from strawberries and honey to blueberries and greek yoghurt. 

Read more about cooking with CBD oil here

Coconut and Chia CBD Porridge

If you’re looking for something quick, filling and nutritious, then porridge is always a good option. You can make it up first thing in the morning, or mix it all into a mason jar and leave in the fridge overnight to make tasty overnight oats. To make this coconut and chia porridge, add 40g of rolled porridge oats to a pan or your jar, mix in around 250ml of milk, 2 tbsps of desiccated coconut and 2 tbsps of chia seeds. Either leave overnight in the fridge for overnight oats or heat in a pan for toasty morning porridge.

CBD Avocado on Toast

Avocado on toast has become a breakfast staple over the last few years and we can make it even better by adding in some of our CBD oil. When you’re smashing your avocado, add in some CBD oil and mix it thoroughly. You can then spread the avocado on your favourite toast and enjoy a relaxing morning meal. 

Each recipe requires the dosage of CBD oil that you currently take regularly, if you’re new to CBD oil, we suggest starting with a low dosage and working your way up according to your needs. For more information on the best CBD dosage for you, check out our blog about finding the perfect dose. 

If you’re new to CBD and you’re looking for a product that’s perfect and pure to add to your recipes, we suggest you try our lightest blend – take a look at our 5% oil here. 


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Food & Drink

Potyque’s guide to cooking with CBD oil



Potyque's guide to cooking with CBD oil
Photo: Georgie Glass

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

How do you use CBD oil when cooking? Potyque talks you through the best ways to get started with using CBD in your recipes. 

At Potyque, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to enjoy our daily dose of CBD oil. One of those ways is using it in our favourite food and drink, something many CBD lovers are starting to dive into. Cooking with CBD oil doesn’t have to be complicated, but there are a few things you may want to be aware of if you choose to explore the world of CBD recipes. 

To help you take your first step into the world of CBD cooking, here are a few of our top tips and advice for using your oil in your favourite recipes. 

Which CBD oil do you need?

You don’t need a special type of CBD oil, just as long as it is high quality. All of our CBD oils are perfect for cooking with, because they are premium quality and potent, meaning you’ll get the best results from any CBD recipe you try your hand at. 

When it comes to how much CBD oil to use in your cooking, stick with the normal dosage that you’re used to. If you are new to CBD or just want to give it a try to see how it could benefit, start with the lowest dosage possible and work your way up. This ensures you find the perfect dosage for you and your needs and ensures you create a culinary masterpiece every time.  

How do you cook with CBD oil?

If you’re unsure about using CBD in your cooking, start with a small dose and increase as needed the next time around. It’s always best to put too little in and increase slowly as you become more confident. 

Adding the CBD oil to your recipes is super simple. If you’re enjoying a salad or sandwich, you can add the CBD oil to your dressing or even to your butter. For smoothies, add it straight to the blender and mix it up with the other ingredients. 

The best ways to use CBD when cooking

As CBD oil is fat soluble, pairing it with recipes that have oil, butter or other forms of fat is a great combination. It’s important however, to not directly heat the CBD oil, as this can decrease the effect that the oil has within the recipe. Instead, make sure to add the CBD last where possible. Try and avoid temperatures over 175⁰C, as this can result in a bitter taste within your final product. 

For optimal results, infuse ingredients with the oil before using it within your recipe. This helps to reduce oil wastage and improves taste and texture. If you’re including the oil in a dressing or sauce, add it while you are still prepping and make sure it’s mixed in well.

Cooking with CBD oil is a great and convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD. If you’re looking for the perfect CBD oil to include in your next culinary project, take a look at our full range over on the shop

Read Potyque’s tips for combining CBD with yoga

Home » Lifestyle » Food & Drink » 5 ways CBD could make taking part in Dry January easier

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Food & Drink

High cuisine – JuicyFields launches cannabis gastronomy cookbook

A new cookbook combines high-end cuisine from across the globe, with the health benefits of cannabis.



JuicyFields launches cannabis gastronomy cookbook

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

A new cookbook, from JuicyFields, combines high-end cuisine from across the globe, with the health benefits of cannabis.

The recipe book, High Cuisine brings haute cuisine style cooking to a whole new level by infusing exquisite dishes with cannabis, a superfood with highly valuable health benefits and umami flavours.

The creative chef behind the book, Andre Schneider, has dedicated a big part of his career to explore cooking with cannabis.

He has specialised in cooking with cannabis in any form and is co writer for the leading “Hanf Magazin” published in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

For the past two years, Andre has been developing the most delicious cannabis dishes especially for Juicy Fields. From traditional dishes like a Spanish “Roscón de Reyes” to delicious and authentic desserts, Andre knows just how to tempt his audience’s senses with the  most spectacular recipes – all of which are cannabis infused. No wonder he is often referred to as the ‘genius of cannabis high cuisine’.

With roots in East Westphalia, Germany, Andre has travelled the world and seen many different kinds of cuisines. On his journeys, he found that each region has its own unique style of cooking, using varieties of spices, herbs and other ingredients that express the local flavour. 

No surprise his book is divided into those regions of the world he travelled to himself, collecting inspiration for new gastronomic creations. There is also a whole chapter of authentic traditional recipes, with a twist of cannabis of course.

In cannabis Andre discovered a variety of nutritious ingredients that not only have a spectacular look and taste, they are highly beneficial for both your mind and your body. High Cuisine includes 100 stylishly illustrated recipes that will make you want to get (re)creative in your own kitchen.

The ‘high’  in the book title gives a wink to the mind altering effect cannabis is well known for. Depending on the recipe, Andre chooses the type of cannabis variety that will enhance the culinary experience in a soothing, relaxing way. 

So will all Andre’s recipes get you high?

Not by definition, as Andre works with different kinds of compounds and only a few of them trigger a psychoactive effect. However, you will get high with amazement from all the culinary possibilities  cannabis has to offer.

The cannabis chef will show and teach you, there are many more parts of the plant you can use. Demystifying its consumption, makes cannabis more accessible as an ingredient in every kitchen. In this sense, High Cuisine is so much more than yet another cooking book. You are invited to take on this incredible culinary adventure.

Andre commented: “This book was basically the result of my passions: cooking, travelling and cannabis. Cannabis is associated with culture everywhere in one way or another, and probably only disappeared from most diets with prohibition, yet this plant offers so much.

“It was important for me to show how much potential there is in cannabis and that it very well deserves its place in the middle and on society’s plates.”

To get your copy, please click here  


Home » Lifestyle » Food & Drink » 5 ways CBD could make taking part in Dry January easier

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