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CBD may improve skin quality and reduce signs of ageing – study

A new study has revealed that CBD may boost skin quality, when combined with retinol.



A new study has revealed that CBD may boost skin quality and reduce signs of ageing, when combined with retinol.

The study, which was published in the journal, Aesthetic Surgery also showed potential improvement in wrinkle reduction.

Retinol was one of the biggest skincare trends in 2022, with many brands adding it to moisturisers and cleansers.

But while it is known for reducing the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles, it can irritate the skin.

Researchers tested a water-soluble CBD topical to see if it could balance the irritation from retinol, while improving its anti-ageing properties.

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In the study, 10 females and one male participant applied the topical to their entire face once a day for 42 days. Each of the participants had skin imperfections such as visible pores, dehydration, roughness or wrinkles.

The results were measured on day one, 21 and 42 using a global ranking scale, images and videos by skin analysts and a plastic surgeon.

Afore by Dr Few: CBD and retinol

Skincare results

All participants in the study recorded an improvement, with 90 per cent willing to recommend the product to others. Those with visible pores and dehydration showed the greatest improvement.

The product used in the study was the CR Emulsion from Aforé Beauty, which claims to combine ingredients that act on complementary biochemical pathways to boost skin health and prevent ageing.

The product contains water-soluble CBD and 0.2 per cent retinol.

The author of the study, Dr Few commented: “When I began seeing patients in Beverly Hills, I was exposed to cannabis and became very curious about its potential benefits. Just because an idea originates outside traditional medical pathways does not mean it is irrelevant. I realised that very little work was done to research the medicinal properties of cannabidiol on the skin. That was enough for me to take another look and subject the compound to clinical research and ultimate development.”

He continued: “CBD is anti-inflammatory and pro-healing in nature. I believe that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties provided by CBD are an essential component of protecting the skin and contribute to the graceful ageing of any skin type.

“Importantly, the CBD used in this study is water-soluble. Most often, CBD is dissolved in coconut oil or medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, which can clog pores or make skin look oily or dull.”