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Charlotte’s Web CBD products linked to improvements in wellbeing

The Radicle Science ACES study revealed significant improvements to participant’s sleep and wellbeing



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Charlotte’s Web has announced that its products were among those found to improve wellbeing in recent CBD trial.

One of the largest studies  carried out on CBD products, by Radicle Science, revealed that 74 per cent of participants saw an improvement in their well-being, which was assessed using the World Health Organisation (WHO) -5 well-being index.

Charlotte’s Web was just one of many different CBD brands included in the first of its kind study.

ACES study: A banner for Business Always Pure Organics

The study showed that 64 per cent of participants who reported feeling stressed experienced clinically meaningful improvements after taking their original formula compared to just 22 per cent of those in the control group.

A further 60 per cent of participants experienced an improvement in sleep quality.

Charlotte’s Web CBD was shown to work quickly with notable improvements in the first week with some patients saying they felt the effects in just four hours.

In a statement, Charlotte’s Web president Tim Orr said: “As a hemp company driven by sound science, we were encouraged by the Radicle Science study. Independent third-party research and reporting on the efficacy of hemp wellness products help build long term consumer trust and is an ongoing commitment of Charlotte’s Web.”

ACES study

The Advancing CBD Education and Science (ACES) study took place in 2021 but results are still being released.

The Radicle Science study was developed the controlled, clinical trial to assess the effectiveness of CBD. The researchers chose four areas to study including general well-being, quality of life, sleep and stress.

The study involved hundreds of participants from across the US who used a variety of CBD products including Charlotte’s Web for four weeks. Participants were given the products to try at home to provide real-world data for the team about how people took CBD or how quickly it got to work.

Speaking with Cannabis Health,  Jeff Chen, CEO and co-founder said: “There are studies of American consumers showing that millions are using CBD yet despite that, we still don’t know a lot about it. One of the key reasons is that it was lumped together with cannabis for the longest time so if you wanted to study these products then it was near impossible. What little understanding we have comes mainly from cell and animal studies which shows some amazing things.”

Read the full interview with Jeff Chen here

Jeff added: “We wanted to involve a variety of different brands with a variety of formulations but we also wanted a diverse pool of participants. This included people from different geographies, ethnicities and demographics to make this as ‘real world’ as possible. We mailed the products to people to take in their own home.”


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