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Zerenia Clinics offers 20% off consultations for NHS staff

Staff will be eligible for 20% off initial consultations to celebrate the 73rd birthday of the NHS



On Tuesday 5 July, 2022 the NHS celebrated its 73rd anniversary.

Zerenia Clinics is offering a 20 per cent discount on initial consultations for all NHS workers to mark the services’ 73rd anniversary.

Zerenia™ Clinics UK, part of the Khiron Life Sciences corporation, has announced it will be offering a 20 per cent discount on initial consultations to all eligible NHS workers in celebration of the health services’ birthday.

On Tuesday 5 July, 2022 the NHS celebrates its 73rd anniversary.

To show its continued appreciation and admiration for NHS workers, Zerenia™ Clinics UK  have launched the new discount, which is also open to other emergency services through the Bluelight programme.

According to The 2020 NHS annual survey anxiety, stress, depression and other psychiatric illnesses are consistently the most reported reasons for sickness absence, accounting for over 511,000 full-time equivalent days lost and 26 per cent of all sickness absence.

A growing body of evidence supports the potential of medical cannabis to treat a variety of mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression as well as burnout.

A recent study has shown CBD therapy reduced symptoms of burn out and emotional exhaustion among health care professionals. 

Zerenia Clinic launched in the UK in December 2021 and specialises in providing medical cannabis therapy to eligible patients who have exhausted existing treatment options, for conditions such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, back pain, endometriosis, or with mental health conditions such as anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD, among others.

It is regulated by the CQC, working under the guidelines set out by the GMC, MHRA, and NHS England. 

Its level of compassion and care for patients can be seen by five-star google reviews, the highest-rated medical cannabis clinic in the UK currently.

Medical director, Dr Matthew Brown

Medical director, Dr Matthew Brown said: “I am glad to be a member of the Zerenia Clinics UK team, a team which acknowledges the stress experienced by the dedicated staff working in the NHS during these unprecedented times.

“It’s great that Zerenia Clinics UK are able to give something back to those who have given and continue to give so much to us all.”

Freeda Soliman, operations director for Zerenia™ Clinics added: “All the Zerenia Clinics UK team are proud to have worked in the NHS, some of us still do. We understand NHS staff have some of the most difficult jobs and we want to show our appreciation for their immeasurable contribution by offering all NHS staff 20% off their initial consultation with our specialist team.

“The last two years have undoubtedly been the most challenging period in NHS history. Staff continues to work long-hours, flat out in difficult circumstances, doing their best for patients. Their commitment comes at a price, resulting in a rise in mental health struggles amongst NHS staff as well as burnout.” 

Zerenia Clinics offers FREE eligibility assessments, visit to contact one of their patient care coordinators today to find out if therapy with medical cannabis is an option for you. For more information contact a member of the team.

Call: 0204 515 0797


To find out if you qualify as a Bluelight cardmember please visit:

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