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The world’s first F1 hybrid CBD cannabis variety: Cosmos F1

F1 hybrid seeds by RQS are being touted as the “future” of cannabis.



Cosmos F1 Hybrid. Photo: Royal Queen Seeds

A game-changer for the industry, new F1 hybrid seeds are being touted as the “future” of cannabis cultivation. Cosmos F1 is ideal for growers pursuing a stable, resilient, uniform high-CBD crop.

F1 hybrids are consistently uniform plants with a multitude of benefits for all types of cannabis users and growers. Medical patients will benefit from a consistent product, commercial growers can simplify operations by working with a dependable crop, and home growers will have access to more powerful, higher-yielding plants for their gardens and tents.

F1 hybrid seeds are the groundbreaking result of cross-pollinating two distinct “pure” parent lines. Genetically speaking, “F1” is an abbreviation for “filial 1”, meaning the first generation of progeny following the cross. The experienced RQS team began creating the F1 hybrid range in 2016, when the bank developed its first pure inbred lines (IBLs). This is a breeding strategy that the vegetable industry has employed for decades to establish consistent produce; only now is it entering the cannabis market.

To begin the process, breeders choose two IBLs with desirable characteristics. For example, plants may be selected for their large yields or distinct terpene profile. Once selected, the lines are then intentionally mated to create a progeny with optimal, uniform characteristics.

With a guarantee of unbeatable consistency, superior results, and exceptional traits with every harvest, the particulars of F1 genetics include heightened THC levels, rapid flowering times, extra-large yields, significant resistance to stress, and, above all, incredible uniformity.

Currently, all of the F1 hybrid variety on the market are autoflowers. However, RQS already has some photoperiod F1 varieties in the making. 

Cosmos F1 Hybrid. Photo: Royal Queen Seeds

The RQS F1 hybrid seed range includes seven high-THC cultivars and the high-CBD variety Cosmos F1

As the sole CBD-rich seed in RQS’ range of F1 hybrids, Cosmos F1 brings authentic hybrid vigour and high CBD levels to the table. Descending from Oregon CBD, this cultivar is ideal for growers pursuing a stable, resilient, consistent crop of CBD-rich buds. 

With her tall, familiar Christmas tree frame and brilliant green foliage, Cosmos F1 is also the largest autoflowering cultivar in RQS’ F1 lineup; a testament to the magnificence of Cannabis sativa.

Cosmos F1 hybrid bud. Photo: Royal Queen Seeds

Accurate to the refined heritage from which she descends, Cosmos F1 boasts a mouth-watering bouquet blending the freshness of sharp pine with the full-bodied, nearly creamy scent of contemporary Cookies varieties, alongside a definite peppery edge. Thanks to her high concentration of CBD and a low level of THC, Cosmos F1 delivers a clear, lucid effect without any inebriation.

Cosmos F1’s terpene profile is dominated by myrcene, farnesene, limonene, pinene, and caryophyllene. Blended with high concentrations of CBD, Cosmos F1 creates a pronounced, contemplative effect that consoles the body while leaving the mind functioning and concentrated.

CBD cannabis seeds like Cosmos F1 are the best choice for users looking to restrict their THC intake, whether for recreational, lifestyle, or medicinal purposes. CBD is favoured for its vast therapeutic potential, including possible antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties. At present, the cannabinoid is being vigorously explored as a possible treatment for depression, anxiety, multiple sclerosis (MS), rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, pain management, and more.

CBD cannabis seeds such as Cosmos F1 by RQS exhibit comparable characteristics to standard cannabis plants in terms of height, yield, flowering time and flavour; they simply contain more significant levels of CBD.

RQS F1 hybrid seeds offer incredible uniformity and stability, which can be clearly seen with Cosmos F1. She demonstrates dependable hybrid vigour and develops into identical tall, majestic plants.

Cosmos F1 flowers automatically and will be harvest-ready just 80 days after germination, at which point her numerous bud sites will be loaded with typical sativa-style flowers; wispy, long, and full of CBD and terpenes.


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