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RCK launches first catalogue of cannabis strains “suitable for every disease”

Growers across the globe can now purchase dozens of cannabis strains designed to help a range of conditions.



RCK cannabis startup
RCK founders from left to right: David Gabay, Haim Bar-Joseph, Shay Bar-Joseph and Dr Noam Chehanovsky
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Growers across the globe can now purchase dozens of cannabis strains designed to help conditions such as cancer, pain, PTSD and autism. 

The Israeli Agtech startup RCK, which specialises in science-based cannabis genetics and breeding, has completed the first ever catalogue of cannabis strains, covering all the medical indications of the Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency (IMCA).

The company says the new move opens the path for mass marketing of medical cannabis by growers, who can now choose from dozens of strains in RCK’s catalogue.

The cannabis strains can be used for treating conditions that include cancer, pain, PTSD, autism, as well as numerous other indications.

Through its R&D efforts, RCK has developed technologies for creating new strains and stable cannabis hybrid seeds.

“Decoding the genetics of the cannabis plant paves the way for revolutionising the growing of cannabis,” says Shay Bar-Josef, co-founder and vice president for business development and marketing at RCK.

Shay Bar-Jospeh RCK

Shay Bar-Jospeh, co-founder and VP for business development and marketing at RCK

“Our complete catalogue of cannabis strains for medical uses will now enable every cannabis grower to purchase seedlings or mother plants that are suitable for specific diseases or various medical conditions and compete in the new eco-system that has been created.”

RCK is also offering growers the option to develop strains based on their specific customer specifications.

Alternatively, the growers can directly purchase from RCK’s range of strains developed by the company for exclusive cultivation.

These include strains with high THC content, high CBD content and balanced strains with approximately equal amounts of the two compounds.

The company has also embarked on field trials for growing hybrid seeds developed in the past three years.

Once the pilot is complete, RCK plans to commercially produce hybrid seeds from five different strains (three with high levels of THC and two with high CBD).

“In essence, we have opened the market for growers to grow and produce cannabis flowers that are suitable for every disease,” Bar-Joseph adds.

“This is great news for millions around the world who are waiting for pain relief from cannabis-based medical products.

“We are continuing to develop additional new strains for medical and commercial uses, and we can offer the development of unique strains for growers.”

RCK is currently in the process of raising funds from investors in an effort to expand its gene bank and R&D efforts, which are focused on developing unique cannabis strains for commercial growers.

The firm has already signed agreements for exporting cannabis strains and hybrid seeds to growers and distributors in several countries around the world as well as Israel.

In February, the company struck up a multi-million dollar agreement with Dutch seed company, SeedTech. As part of the deal, RCK devised a dedicated breeding plan to develop unique cannabis strains for medical and commercial use.

The company says its new hybrid seeds and breeding plans are now receiving interest from cannabis growers outside of Israel.