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New cannabis beer launched nationwide

A new CBD-infused beer has been launched in the UK.



Green Heathen is a 7.2 per cent IPA infused with cannabis oil created jointly bycannabis craft brewery Green Times Brewing and Leeds-based bar chain Northern Monk. Each pint contains 10mg of CBD.

Its launch follows the September 2018 releaseof Green Times Brewery’s High Flyer, another CBD-infused beer available to UK drinkers.

Both beers use a water-soluble CBD formulation which is sourced from Green Times’ sister company CBD Ultra, a CBD products firm.

Green Heathen believes that mixing CBD and alcohol could potentially help to reduce the aftereffects of drinking.

It is possible, it says, that by boosting liver function, CBD can help the liver to process alcohol more effectively, thus reducing hangovers. CBD and cannabis have well-researched anti-inflammatory properties, which may counter the inflammatory effects of alcohol.

Northern Monk founder Russell Bisset said: “The collaboration with Green Times Brewing gave us the opportunity to brew a ground-breaking beer

“Above all, we really enjoy creating twists on our core range beers and pushing the boundaries of our existing recipes. Green Heathen does just that.”

Green Times Brewery MD Charlie Boon said: “We are very proud of Green Heathen and based on the success of High Flyer, we expect this beer to fly off the shelves.”


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