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Listen to the latest episode of the Cannabis Health podcast.

Medical cannabis experts, Professor Mike Barnes and campaigner Hannah Deacon sit down with their guests to find out why cannabis matters to them.

They discover how cannabis has changed their guest’s lives, what makes them tick, why they do what they do and what they think needs to improve for patients.

Forget graphs and commercial outlooks and expect open, honest conversations with those at the heart of the issue.


Episode 5 – Hannah Deacon, What’s Your Why?


In the penultimate episode of the series, Mike turns the microphone on Hannah to hear about her journey to becoming one of the UK’s most prominent cannabis campaigners.

After never really finding her niche, with short-lived careers in travel and hairdressing, Hannah managed to turn the grief and pain of having a child diagnosed with intractable epilepsy into a positive and along the way discovered her passion.

Having successfully campaigned to change the law in 2018 and secured the first permanent licence for a medical cannabis prescription for her son Alfie, she now continues to fight on behalf of End Our Pain, and the dozens of families in the UK who still do not have affordable access to cannabis on the NHS.

She has also forged a career in the sector as a director of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society and Maple Tree Consultants, but has still faced criticism from others on social media.

Hannah shares how she coped with being thrown into the spotlight, the toll her experiences have taken on her mental health and what she’s learned about herself along the way.

PLEASE NOTE: This episode touches on mental health, suicide and facing the possibility of losing a child.



Hannah helped change the law in 2018 after her successful campaign to enable her epileptic son Alfie Dingley to be legally prescribed cannabis medicines. She continues to help other families access medical cannabis in the UK.  Hannah is also a director of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society and Maple Tree Consultants. 

Mike obtained the first medical cannabis license in the UK for Alfie. He has been involved in the efforts to assist many others and is founder of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society along with Maple Tree Consultants.