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CBD & pregnancy – is it safe?



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Many women now take CBD to reduce discomfort during pregnancy, with studies showing increasingly positive results, the team at Sweet Pink CBD explain how it could help.

CBD has become a popular product in one form or another for many people over the past few years. It is touted as a remedy for everything from anxiety to nausea.

Due to the benefits people feel after adding CBD to their daily wellness routine, many pregnant women are also turning to CBD to help reduce the toll pregnancy can take on the body.

Aches, pains and swollen feet

While being pregnant is often such a joyous occasion for many women, bringing a baby into the world can take a toll on their body. Some women experience glowing skin, thicker hair and don’t feel anything other than happiness. However, other women experience huge discomfort, continuous cramping, fatigue and insomnia.

This is why many women have begun to take a daily dose of CBD in one form or another, to reduce the discomfort they’re experiencing.

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive extract of the cannabis plant, which aids in reducing many of the symptoms women feel while pregnant.

Working with the body’s Endocannabinoid system, CBD regulates a range of cognitive and physiological processes such as sleep, pain, mood and appetite. So, whatever is thrown your way as a pregnant woman – be it mental or physical – CBD could help.

Is it safe?

A healthy lifestyle while pregnant is obviously very important. Anything women ingest throughout the pregnancy could have an effect on the baby growing inside her.

CBD is a plant-based, natural, organic compound. Stripped of THC before being made into an oil, balm, chocolate or other form of topical product, people won’t experience any psychoactive episodes – otherwise known as ‘getting high’.

Research studies into the use of CBD on pregnant women are showing increasingly positive results. Relaxing the body to reduce the feeling of anxiety, aches, pains or even insomnia is almost a dream come true for many women. Of course, it is often advised for women to consult her doctor before beginning to take CBD while pregnant.


Sweet Pink CBD was founded to provide people with access to premium, hand-made, organic CBD products, and we want to help people find the right CBD for them.

We aim to provide people with access to the power of the plant, information about CBD and how to correctly use it.

To find out more about the inspiration behind Sweet Pink CBD, or to look more into how CBD can benefit the body, get in touch.


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