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More than a quarter of US cannabis consumers aged 50 or over

Nearly 17 million over 50s in the US are turning to cannabis for physical and mental health benefits.



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26 percent of cannabis consumers (nearly 17 million Americans) are age 50 or older.

Nearly 17 million over 50s in the US are turning to cannabis for physical and mental health benefits, says a new survey.

Findings from The National Cannabis Study, which captures the full spectrum of cannabis use across the US, show that 26 percent of Americans consume cannabis in some form, an overall growth of 15 percent since 2019. 

Among all adults 61 percent said they support legalisation of cannabis.

The study also revealed that 26 percent of cannabis consumers (nearly 17 million Americans) are age 50 or older. These so-called ‘CannaBoomers’ consume cannabis for a variety of physical and mental health benefits.

Cannabis consumers are evenly split in gender, have an average age of 39, and a median household income that is slightly higher than the average American ($80,ooo).

Over one quarter of consumers are aged 50 or higher, spanning portions of Generation X and the Baby Boomers. 

Cannabis consumption by type

While the majority of  ‘CannaBoomers’ reported consuming marijuana in the past year, compared to the average cannabis consumer they are 48 percent more likely to only be using CBD products. 

Reasons for consumption

When it comes to consumption, ‘CannaBoomers’ use cannabis to feel relaxed and meditative, and to release both stress and pain. 

Marijuana consumers aged 50 and above said they seek creativity and anxiety reduction, while CBD consumers of the same age group want to feel focused and use cannabis as an anti-inflammatory. 

Consumption attitudes

According to the study, ‘CannaBoomers’ report positive feelings towards cannabis use and its benefits, considering it a wellness tool, and a way to relax. 

They also consider cannabis to be a healthier option than alcohol and reported cutting back on booze in favour of cannabis. 

Product use and interest

The ‘CannaBoomers’ segment is actively trying or interested in trying a variety of cannabis/CBD infused products. 

In fact, 42 percent of this segment reported having tried cannabis/CBD infused foods like chocolates or gummies, while 38 percent are interested in trying them. 

Other popular cannabis/CBD infused product interests include tea (52 percent), coffee (48 percent), soft drinks (45 percent), and skin care products (42 percent). 

Karen Ramspacher, MRI Simmon’s senior vice president of Innovation and Insights, who led the study commented: “The appeal of cannabis is broad and growing.

When we think of cannabis consumers, we think young and hip. While this is true, there is an over-50 segment that has more buying power than their younger counterparts and have a clear interest in a wide array of current and new cannabis products. 

“Product creators and marketers need to cater to these ‘CannaBoomers’ to drive revenue today.”


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