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Israel launches export pilot programme



The Israeli Ministry of Health has launched a new pilot programme in which medical cannabis producers will be authorised to export medical cannabis, subject to making certain products available to patients in Israel.

Among those companies getting involved in the programme is the IM Cannabis Corp (IMC), a multinational medical cannabis firm with operations in Israel and across Europe.

The company has seven cultivators currently producing IMC-branded products in Israel. An export market will allow it to bolster the supply of cannabis for its operation in Germany and across Europe, it says.

IMC CEO Oren Shuster said: “We are very supportive of the Israeli Ministry of Health’s program to open the market for medical cannabis exports.

“We have made tremendous progress establishing our supply and distribution platform for IMC-branded products in both Israel and Germany.

“The ability for licensed producers to export from Israel will significantly strengthen our international supply capabilities as we continue to execute our goal of global leadership for IMC-branded medical cannabis.”

Over the past decade, IMC has built its brand as a provider of medical cannabis products in the Israeli market.

The Company has also expanded its business to offer intellectual property related services to the medical cannabis industry based on proprietary processes and technologies it developed for the production of medical cannabis.

In Europe, IMC operates through a German-based subsidiary and EU-GMP certified medical cannabis distributor – Adjupharm GmbH.

IMC’s European presence is also augmented by strategic alliances with various pan-European EU-GMP cultivators and distributors.


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