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The CBD spa treatments set to revolutionise how we relax

The UK’s first accredited CBD spa treatments are launching next month



CBD spa treatments
Raised Spirit became the UK’s first organically certified CBD company in 2017.

The UK’s first accredited CBD spa treatments are launching next month, is this going to transform how we switch off for good?

Launching in 2017, Raised Spirit became the UK’s first organically certified CBD company. 

Now it’s bringing its unique, holistic treatments to spas across the country – and just in time too.

The coronavirus pandemic has left most of us feeling frazzled, with a huge rise in the numbers of people using CBD to cope with anxiety, improve sleep and help them relax.

Raised Spirit will launch its treatments at Spa Illuminata in Henley-on-Thames, on 11 June, offering a “totally unique holistic experience”, drawing from healing traditions and cultures from around the world.

Co-founder, Nick Osipczak, a former professional martial artist, was inspired by his own experiences of Ayahuasca plant ceremonies on his travels. 

“It changed the way I saw plants,” he tells Cannabis Health.

Co-founder, Nick Osipczak

“I started to see them as some very powerful medicines and opened my eyes to many of the traditional ceremonies out there, from different cultures which use plants to help people heal. 

“As the brand was getting more into cosmetics, I realised it was only a matter of time before the spa industry became aware of CBD and opened their doors to it.”

With his co-founders, Nick Lowe, a university lecturer in acupuncture and alternative therapies and George Monkhouse, an international healthcare pioneer with extensive experience in natural medicines, he has combined Raised Spirits’ organic CBD products with sound therapy, trigger-point release, Indian and Chinese massage techniques and custom soundtracks to guide the client through an “unforgettable” experience.

According to the website, the client is taken through a journey of ‘self-discovery, bringing mind, body and spirit into harmonious alignment.’ 

The 90-minute “full experience” treatment option includes Bamboo Tapping to stimulate the circulation and invigorate the senses, with a full-body massage to loosen and soothe the muscles. A Breathing Meditation and singing-bowl Sound Therapy accompanied by a guided Awareness Exercise all contribute to leading the client into a deeper state of consciousness.

“It’s unlike anything currently being offered in spas, it could absolutely revolutionise that whole experience,” continues Nick.

“Once people have had one of these experiences, which can be transformative for a lot of people, it’s going to be hard for them to go back to the old way of doing things – where they just get a bit pampered but come out of it the same person and go back to their same habits and routines. 

“We’re giving them the power and the tools to go away and integrate it into their daily lives.”

Raised Spirit, which is a member of the European Industrial Hemp Association, is hoping to expand its treatments into other spas and has plans to open its own studio down the line.

“Spas may see us as a little bit of a threat at first, but this is a wave that can’t be ignored,” he adds. 

“People are more aware of their health in general and what they need to do to look after it and after the last year, they are banging down the doors to some spa treatments again.”


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