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Potyque’s new calming CBD cream aims to tackle winter skin woes

The British brand has launched a new CBD cream to help restore confidence in your skin.



Potyque cbd cream
Potyque’s Calming Cream benefits from 400mg of terpenes in each 50ml jar

British brand Potyque has launched a new calming CBD cream to help restore skin confidence this winter.

British company, Potyque, has launched its Calming Cream packed with full spectrum CBD which provides a soothing response to topical irritation.

Just in time for winter skin troubles, although suitable for any season, the Calming Cream uses all the plant’s natural oils to deliver a potent anti-inflammatory and moisturising cream. 

Clinically blended with full spectrum CBD oil and essential plant oils, Potyque’s Calming Cream benefits from 400mg of terpenes in each 50ml jar.

Potyque CBD cream

Potyque’s Calming Cream has an array of ingredients which are recognised as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, including:

      Theobroma cacao – also known as cocoa butter – which is rich in polyphenols, known to reduce inflammation.

      Limonene – a volatile oil with strong anti-oxidising properties.

      Alpha-pinene – the most widely encountered terpenoid in nature – highly repellent to insects.

      Beta-caryophyllene – a common terpene found in hemp but also in black pepper and

Cinnamon which acts as a very potent anti-inflammatory

The Calming Cream is paraben and SLS free, certified vegan, and not tested on animals.

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Potyque founder, Michelle Rust reveals new CBD cream

Potyque founder, Michelle Rust

Potyque founder, Michelle Rust, established the company after struggling with symptoms of the menopause and decided to create a premium range of CBD oils. With a previous career in the pharmaceutical industry, Michelle was concerned about the lack of transparency and clarity in the current CBD market and wanted to create a brand built on quality.

Michelle commented: “We are delighted to be able to introduce Potyque Calming Cream which complements our existing oil range. Numerous Potyque customers have fed back the need for a topical product to apply to inflamed, dry, flaky skin, many commenting how they have applied the oil directly to their skin to seek relief. 

“With this in mind we set out not only to incorporate the benefits of CBD oil, but to add other nourishing plant oils too, including the rich cocoa butter base.”

Promoting plant-based wellness, Potyque is designed for those struggling with life’s many challenges and juggling hectic lifestyles.

The company’s products and processes are fully compliant with national and international laws and standards, giving users peace of mind.

Potyque is a also member of the Cannabis Trades Association, which advocates for a regulated CBD market.

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Beauty & Skincare

David Beckham-backed CBG skincare line launches new products



David Beckham-backed CBD brand, Cellular Goods, has launched a new collection of skincare and edibles that contain CBD and CBG.

The Cellular Goods launch is taking place nine months after the announcement of Beckham’s DB Ventures investment back in February 2021. The company managed to raise £13 million in their original public offering.

The Cellular Good skincare line contains serum, face oil and after-shave moisturiser. The ingestible collection includes a tincture, spray and capsules.

The skincare collection is the UK’s first CBG range. Their face oil contains ultra-pure, bio-synthetic CBG, hemp and grapeseed oil. The combination of all three is thought to hydrate, regenerate and smooth the skin while adding a source of essential fatty acids.

CBG is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties which may make it great for acne or blemishes. It may also be an anti-bacterial preventing infection. The essential fatty acids contained within different cannabinoids could have anti-ageing properties as they help to plump the skin and hydrate. All products are suitable for sensitive skin, dermatologically tested and dermatologist approved.

Cellular Good’s shaving gel contains some of the most popular skincare ingredients of the year including hyaluronic acid which locks in moisture to improve skin health and Niacinamide which is used to brighten the complexion.

CBG is the latest cannabinoid to gain interest, especially within the beauty and wellness sector. However, CBG is rarer and harder to extract than CBD which can make it more expensive.


Cellular goods: a hand holding a bottle of CBD spray

Cellular Goods range

The ingestible collection contains just CBD rather than CBG.

Cellular Goods was established in 2018 to develop research-backed and efficacy led products. The products are made using lab-created CBD and CBG which means the company do not need to cultivate cannabis which they believe is a greener alternative than field grown.

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Cannabis Health has reached out to Cellular Goods to determine the level of CBG within the skincare line. They had not replied at the time of publication.

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Introducing DermaQuest CBD skincare and wellness range

DermaQuest has introduced a results-driven CBD range to its line of cosmeceutical skincare.



Dermaquest: Selection of CBD products
DermaQuest has introduced a results-driven CBD range to its line of cosmeceutical skincare.

Known for its advanced formulas and high-performance products, DermaQuest has introduced a results-driven CBD range to its line of cosmeceutical skincare.

Harnessing the healing power of CBD, the professional skincare brand has developed a collection that delivers anti-ageing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

The DermaQuest range uses a pure CBD isolate that is safe for all ages and all skin types. Encapsulated in a patented Hydroxysome delivery system, DermaQuest’s CBD is stabilised to ensure a safe and highly effective distribution of the active ingredient when applied to the skin. 

Endeavouring to create the most efficacious line of CBD skincare, each product in the collection contains 99.7 per cent pure CBD isolate. In order to obtain CBD in the purest possible form, the extract undergoes a thorough, four-part distillation process to remove all impurities and non-essential materials. Pairing its uniquely pure form of CBD with other high-powered ingredients, DermaQuest has created a results-driven range of CBD skincare in the form of 8 efficacious formulas. 


CBD Replenishing Eye Cream, £66

An intensely nourishing eye cream that provides antioxidant protection, diminishes the appearance of puffiness and delivers soothing hydration to the delicate undereye area. Oil-soluble Vitamin C (BV-OSC) provides effective protection from free radicals and environmental aggressors, enhancing the efficacy of sunscreen to help mitigate the damaging effects of UV exposure. Meanwhile, Argan Plant Stem Cell extract targets puffiness and provides nurturing relief to the undereye area, calming and soothing dry skin.  

CBD Blue Light Defense Moisturiser, £76

Formulated with Lumicease, this hydrating, hemp-derived moisturiser defends against the damage caused by blue light to prevent signs of photoaging. Its Aqua Cell complex provides skin with long-lasting hydration to help improve skin density. Harnessing the reparative properties of Wagandys, this powerful herb reinforces barrier function and smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to reveal a more youthful complexion. 

CBD Blue Light Defense SPF 30, £66

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For ultimate protection from the elements, the addition of SPF ensures skin is shielded from the damage caused by UV rays as well as blue light. A 18.90 per cent concentration of Zinc Oxide provides physical sun protection while its BVOSC content (a stable, oil-soluble form of Vitamin C) further fights free radicals to enhance sunscreen efficacy. For added protection, Infraguard combines organic sunflower sprouts and the antioxidant rich tara tannins to defend against the ageing effects of blue light and infrared rays. The moisturiser’s 99 per cent pure CBD content works to enhance the preventative properties of all of these defensive ingredients to provide skin with comprehensive protection. 

CBD Pain Relief Cream, £92

A safe, palliative option for pain relief, this soothing cream alleviates aches in the joints and muscles with its blend of 99 per cent pure CBD isolate, 10 per cent TEA Salicylate and MSM. Applied after exercise, its heat activating formula provides effective relief to over-exerted bodies and eases discomfort. Bolstered by the antioxidant rich Vitamin E, Coconut Amino Acids and Rose Hip Seed Oil, this nourishing cream provides protection from free radical damage while replenishing and soothing inflamed skin. 

CBD Healing Balm, £56

Formulated with 99 per cent pure hemp-derived CBD isolate, this healing balm relieves minor aches and pains whilst working to maintain joint health and flexibility. Hydrating as well as healing, an oil-rich formula comprised of Sweet Almond, Olive and Jojoba Oils delivers intense moisture to repair dry, damaged and dehydrated skin. The CBD Healing Balm can be used on both the face and body to help replenish moisture reserves, relieve muscle soreness and soothe inflammation.  

CBD Tinctures, £87

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Designed to provide ultimate relaxation for the body and mind in addition to skincare benefits, DermaQuest CBD Tinctures contain a potent concentration of 99.7 per cent pure CBD isolate. Tailored for day and night-time use, the Daily Elixir is infused with Spearmint while the Sleep Elixir is flavoured by Vanilla. 

The CBD Sleep Elixir harnesses the analgesic properties of eugenol, an essential oil found in Vanilla. Targeting the body’s TRPV1 receptor, the elixir mediates pain, increases relaxation and enhances quality of sleep. Infused with invigorating spearmint, the CBD Daily Elixir is the ultimate mood enhancer. Shown to influence terpene synthesis, the aromatic oil produces an antidepressant-mimicking effect on the brain’s receptors and neurotransmitters, making it suitable for daytime use. 

Applied sublingually, the elixirs absorb quickly underneath the tongue to deliver immediate mood enhancing benefits. For skincare benefits, the tinctures can also be added to moisturisers and applied topically on both the face and body. The elixirs’ concentration of MCT, or fractionated coconut oil, provides skin with intensive hydration and soothes irritation to help relieve dry, chapped and chafed skin. 

Committed to ensuring the transparency and legitimacy of its label claims, DermaQuest CBD is 3rd party tested by a licensed California based lab. 

The DermaQuest CBD range is available now from 

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Beauty & Skincare

Provacan’s four new skincare products expected to shine bright this Christmas

The brand’s popular CBD moisturiser is now back by popular demand with double the CBD content



Skincare: Four new Provacan skincare products in white packaging

As one of the leading providers of CBD products in the United Kingdom, Provacan has achieved considerable success since its launch.

Provacan has been praised by reviewers and customers alike for its high-quality, uncompromised products.

This Christmas it has outshined itself with its new and improved, back by popular demand CBD moisturiser with SPF whose CBD content has been doubled. An ultra-soothing gel perfect for that winter beach getaway, a lightweight eye cream, and a blemish control gel.

What exactly are CBD topicals?

If you’re asking this question, then you’re in the right place. CBD topicals are CBD-infused creams, gels, lotions, salves, and balms designed to be applied directly to the skin.

While they can be used in conjunction with your medication, these powerful compounds offer numerous benefits all on their own because of their potent anti-inflammatory properties.

Utilising the award-winning full-spectrum CBD formula, CiiTECH is expecting sales for skincare topicals to be extremely popular this Christmas, CBD product sales and especially skincare products have been growing exponentially and continue to see a bright future ahead.

The CBD Skincare market is expected to grow substantially at 29.1% CAGR from 2021-2028 reported Market Research Future (MRFR)

Provacan gifts

“There is nothing more gratifying to me than when a customer tells us how much one of our products has changed their lives. We are passionate about the work we are doing, the partnerships we are creating, and the products we are developing. The science-led approach of CiiTECH ensures our products are safe, effective, and trusted. That’s why I think Provacan, our flagship consumer brand, is doing so well within the UK market,” said Clifton Flack, CiiTECH‘s founder and CEO.

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The Benefits of Skin Care topicals

In recent years, topicals derived from hemp have experienced a surge in popularity. Now, with its growing acceptance and legality in many areas of the world, more and more people are beginning to take notice of how beneficial these cannabis-infused beauty products can be. Skincare topicals do far more than simply moisturize and soothe muscle tension.

They also work wonders on redness and inflammation and have several benefits such as being skin protecting and conditioning.

Best Skin Care Products

If you want to know how CBD can work for you, look no further than Provacan. The CBD they use is top of the line, which means it’s cold-pressed and delivered straight from hemp plants grown without pesticides or herbicides. This ensures that consumers get only high-quality products.

Provacan was established in 2017 by a team of scientists and experts that wanted to provide CBD topicals with better quality control and advanced formula for consumers. With over four years of experience, Provacan is now one of Europe’s leading brands for CBD oils and topicals.

Shop the wide range of CBD topical solutions include CBD oil gels, serums, lotions and creams; find out more here:

If you want a well-researched product with several beneficial properties, look no further than Provacan!

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