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40 inspirational women in cannabis

In honour of International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the women making change in medical cannabis.



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International Women's Day: 40 inspirational women in cannabis


In honour of International Women’s Day, we’re once again celebrating the women who have gone above and beyond to make change in the field of medical cannabis

The official theme for International Women’s Day this year, is #BreakTheBias, calling on people to “imagine a gender equal world” which is free of biases, stereotypes and discrimination against women.

It comes following a report last year, which found that the representation of women and people of colour in executive positions within the cannabis industry has actually declined in the last two years. Although this data came from the US – and as far as we can see no such research has been done here in the UK yet – many reading this can probably relate.

What is clear though, is that when it comes to making change, both in the UK and further afield, it’s often women who are bold enough to lead the charge. And while compiling this it was staggering just how many women are doing incredible things in cannabis.

Some stand up and fight on behalf of their children, others share their own journeys of pain with the world, in the hope of helping others. 

Dozens are willing to go against the grain and shoulder the responsibility of prescribing, knowing the difference it could make to their patients, alongside those who have dedicated their careers to building the evidence which will allow for wider access.

There are women who have fought their rightful seat in the boardroom and those who battle hard to build the brands they believe in against the odds. Others take on daily challenges to help get the message out there, despite meeting resistance at every turn.

We wish we could include them all, but here’s just a handful of the women making a big impact in the world of medical cannabis. 

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