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The best methods of using CBD – which one is right for you?

Which methods of using CBD are actually the best for you? In large part, it depends on your priorities.



There are many different methods of using CBD - from traditional oils to personal hygiene products to face masks.

For the last few years, CBD has experienced a great boom in popularity all over the world, but which method of consumption is right for you?

What barely a decade ago was a substance known only to true enthusiasts and scientists is now something that over 30 per cent of adults in the US admitted trying.

With CBD becoming such a success, it’s natural that various industries have tried to enter this lucrative market. Because of that, there are many different methods of using CBD – from traditional oils to personal hygiene products to face masks.

But which methods of using CBD are actually the best for you? In large part, it depends on your priorities.

While CBD has more or less the same general effects on you no matter what way you take it, in certain cases, some ways might be much better suited to your needs and expectations. 

If speed is your priority, choose the inhalation methods

Sometimes there is no time to be lost. Perhaps you had an awful day and want to get rid of your stress as soon as possible. Maybe your chronic pain has started intensifying again.

No matter the situation, you want to feel the beneficial effects of CBD right away. If that’s your goal, you might want to try the inhalation methods.

Out of all the different ways to administer CBD, these are some of the fastest ones – you might start to feel effects within the first few minutes.

The onset time of this method is so fast for a reason. The moment you inhale CBD, it travels with the air you took in directly to your lungs. There, the cannabidiol is absorbed through the alveoli straight into your bloodstream.

In general, there are two main ways of administering CBD through inhalation – by smoking or vaping it. Both should deliver the CBD just fine, although vaping CBD is considered to be a less harmful option.

No matter if it’s tobacco or CBD-rich hemp flowers, smoking plant material involves burning it. This, in turn, releases a lot of combustion-related toxins that you then inhale.

On the other hand, vaping CBD doesn’t rely on burning the CBD-infused e-liquid but rather on heating it until it becomes a vapour. Because no incineration is taking place, a lot of these harmful substances are simply not present there.

But even if vaping CBD is the less risky method, you should still pay attention to what you buy.

To ensure the best experience, then depending on your preferences you should get CBD, THC, or Delta 8 cartridges from a reliable source.

If you train a lot, consider CBD topicals

For some, staying fit is an absolute priority. After all, engaging in regular physical exercise is proven to be very beneficial to both your physical and mental health.

Unfortunately, this comes at a price. Because your muscles are under constant and intense strain, microscopic tears form more frequently. This may result in more cases of inflammation and even pain.

It’s not hard to imagine that your workout motivation might suffer if your entire body is sore. CBD can help you in that regard, given how it has anti-inflammatory effects, but what sort of product should you get here?

In this case, CBD topicals would be a good choice.

In most situations, muscle pains and inflammation are highly localised issues. It means that instead of taking systemic CBD products like CBD capsules or soft gels, it might be better to apply CBD salves or creams directly to the area where you’re experiencing pain.

Topical products are absorbed through the skin, meaning that you can administer a lot of the substance straight to the sore area and expect results in a short time, instead of waiting an hour or more for ingested products to start working.

If you prioritise taste, CBD edibles might be for you

CBD products have many benefits, but the taste is not always one of them.

To illustrate the point, CBD oil is often reported to have a sort of strange, earthy flavour to it. What’s worse, one of the more efficient ways of consuming CBD oil is by taking it sublingually, meaning that you have to hold the drops under your tongue for over a minute.

Understandably, it might be a dealbreaker for many users.

If a good flavour is absolutely necessary for you to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol, various CBD edibles might be the perfect solution here. You’d be pleased to know that these usually come in the form of various sweets.

Do you want to get your daily CBD dose without attracting unwanted attention from your co-workers or family? CBD cookies might be what you need.

Do you want something that is perfectly tasty and easy to take on the go at the same time? Perhaps you should try CBD gummies. Would you like to experience your childhood once again for a moment and feel the beneficial effects of CBD at the same time?

The CBD cotton candy is there for you to satisfy both of these desires.

Apart from a great taste and a large selection of different treats, CBD edibles are also one of the longer-working types of cannabidiol products out there – the effects usually last hours.


As you can see, the priorities matter a lot when it comes to picking the right CBD methods of administration.

If you want a quick onset time above all else, inhalation methods such as vaping or smoking are probably your best bet.

If you love being active and want to reduce the unpleasant effects of inflammation or muscle pain, topical CBD products might be worth trying. Finally, if you value taste and the total duration, you should consider different CBD edibles.

But these are simply suggestions – no matter what goal you have in mind, you should always do your own research and try to figure out which method of using CBD will be the most comfortable for you personally.

After all, the one who knows your preferences best is you yourself – good luck with your CBD experience!

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