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British veteran quit army to launch CBD brand



British veteran quit army to launch CBD brand
Founder of HIR, Farard Darver.

A British Army veteran says he quit the forces to set up a CBD brand delivering alternative methods of pain relief. 

Founder of Health International Research (HIR), Farard Darver, a former British Army officer and Green Beret, left the Armed Forces to launch his CBD company after years of watching his colleagues reliant on opioid medications following injuries. 

With one in four people in the UK said to be living with chronic pain, Darver says CBD can offer a much-needed natural alternative to modern painkillers.

He believes that topical products, in particular, can be used to naturally bring down inflammation and are the “best and safest” – way to administer pain relief.

HIR specialise in producing natural cannabinoid-based health and skincare products, formulated by cannabis research scientists in the Czech Republic. 

They have harnessed 65 years of research to support the healing effects of the hemp plant and its use in cosmetic and topical applications.

There is a growing amount of scientific evidence which supports the A with HIR having now released two white papers that highlight previous research in the field.

The company’s Hempe and MotherSage CBD brands are now selling on three continents, after its recent IPO and a pre-launch at the Arnold Sports Festival in the USA, the world’s largest, health, fitness and multi-sport festival in the world.

The Hempe range aims to offer relief for sore muscles and joint pain and has already been recommended by top international sports personalities, including ambassadors, IFBB fitness legend Flex Wheeler, and four times World’s Strongest Man Magnús Ver Magnússon.

Darver commented: “I spent too many years watching my fellow soldiers in pain, reliant on heavy opioids. I passionately believe that topical CBD can be used to naturally bring down inflammation and is the best and safest way to administer pain relief.”

CBD skincare 

HIR is also harnessing the benefits of CBD as a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, in its MotherSage skincare range.

MotherSage products take natural ingredients which are known to improve skin quality and combines them with CBD during a rigorous formulation process that has resulted in a range of five products – MotherSage Body Butter, MotherSage Anti-Cellulite Gel, MotherSage Body Oil, MotherSage Lip Balm & MotherSage Bath Salts.

The range has won and been shortlisted for several national awards. 

Brand ambassador, Lynne Franks OBE, said: “I have long been a believer in the healing qualities of CBD but the Hempe and MotherSage ranges take this to the next level; my SEED Store sells out on a weekly basis.”


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