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Petition calls for government-funded medical cannabis for veterans



Petition calls for government-funded medical cannabis for veterans

A new petition is calling for the UK government to fund medical cannabis and CBD for veterans.

David Moczulski, founder of Tier One CBD, is a passionate advocate for the benefits of CBD and medical cannabis, especially when it comes to the physical and mental health of those who have served their country.

David, a veteran himself,  found CBD helpful for managing his chronic pain and mental health, years after becoming injured in the military.

Now he’s launched a petition to raise awareness of the potential benefits of cannabinoids for veterans and the need for helping with funding it.

Veterans mental health CBD and cannabis: British army physical health

You can find the petition here

Speaking with Cannabis Health, David said: “We sell a lot of CBD to veterans and the feedback is immense as they have service-related injuries, depression, anxiety or poor physical health.

“No one is talking about access for veterans so I thought I could be that voice. There has to be something that the government can do to send a strong message to the veteran community or those who are currently serving who will become veterans someday. They need to be willing to look outside the box of what is on offer such as opiate-based drugs for pain.”

Veterans and mental health

David joined the military in 1984 and served for sixteen years.

The transition back into civilian life can be difficult and loneliness and social isolation are prevalent.

On top of this, veterans may experience mental and physical health issues as a result of their time in combat, such as anxiety and PTSD.

They are often placed on prescription drugs, including antidepressants and addictive opiates.

David believes that CBD or whole plant cannabis can be another tool in the box for physicians who are looking to help their patients.

However, the barriers to access for veterans are the same as for most patients in terms of cost, while other countries such as the US or Canada are able to offer more alternative options for their veterans.

“I look to countries such as Canada or the US and they are all over it, there are so many positive stories coming out of this and it shows how it is helping people. There are 2.5 million veterans and this number is added to every year,” said David.

“We are waiting now to see what happens in the Ukraine which could escalate and we are asking our men and women to step up once more. The GPs don’t even know if you are a veteran or not, because there is no mechanism when you sign up to ask about your service.”

Army petition rejection

David’s petition calls for the British government to step up and fund medical cannabis or CBD for military veterans in the UK.

However, it was initially rejected by the platform he chose to use which means that with enough signatures, it must be debated in the House of Commons, due to the NHS – not government – being responsible for prescribing.

He has now launched a second petition which he hopes will attract signatures and inspire discussion.

“I am asking the UK government to discuss funding,” he said.

“The government speak about veterans and service personnel in one way then act in another way where they are unwilling to have a conversation or do some research.

“There are still a lot of service-related suicides happening. Veterans are being treated with whatever is available which may work for some but not for others. What about those who are really vulnerable who it doesn’t work for?”

He believes that change is vital for veterans’ mental health.

“Of all of the men and women who came back from Afghanistan, there will be a percentage of those who will carry what they saw and heard there for the rest of their lives,” he added.

“You are sidelined the minute you go to your superiors to speak about mental health issues, so people hide it. The minute you are outside the camp gate, you are on your own and there is no follow-up or check-in. These are some incredibly vulnerable. I’ve seen men that I have served with and they are not the same person they once were.

“CBD changes lives and I am personally a testament to that.”

Sign the petition here 


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