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41 Central Avenue Surrey KT8 2QZ United Kingdom Work Phone: 0800 644 0747 Website: IPS Pharma
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IPS Pharma is an independent international pharmaceutical services company operating in three main areas: Unlicensed medicines (Unlicensed Imports and Specials), Clinical Trials and Special Obtains.

IPS are a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer with the capability to deliver over 20,000 formulations for unlicensed medicines as well as Investigational Medical product (IMP) and comparators for clinical trials – all from our state of the art facility in Surrey. IPS have established an unrivalled global sourcing network of trusted suppliers – screened and approved to ensure the right product is received at the right time in the right quality.

Importer and retail and can manufacture in euGMP facility in UK. Linked to Integro clinic, My Access Clinic & Cannabis Access clinics. Imports variety of product including Aurora, Tilray, Colombia Care.

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