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Nottingham Road Clinic

195 Nottingham Road Nottinghamshire Mansfield NG18 4AA United Kingdom Work Phone: 01623 624137 Website: The Nottingham Road Clinic
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Medical Cannabis at NRC is a new service dedicated to providing cannabis-based medicines for pain relief to eligible patients across the UK. Our clinic will facilitate this via video consultations, with face-to-face consultations an option at our Nottinghamshire-based clinic.

As current practising doctors, we see first-hand how some of the more commonly prescribed therapies do not have the desired effects for our patients. That is what inspired us to set up a specialist service providing cannabis medicines to help our patients.

Since 2018, cannabis medicines are legal when prescribed and made to pharmacological standards. They have been shown to be helpful in many ailments such as chronic pain disorders (i.e., rheumatological and muscular-skeletal conditions), pelvic pain, as well as psychiatric disorders such as PTSD, ADHD, and anxiety disorders.

Prescribes for: Pain, mental health, ADHD

Initial consultation cost: £150

Follow up cost: £90

Access schemes: N/A

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