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9a Wilbraham Place London SW1X 9AE United Kingdom Work Phone: 0204 515 0797 Website: Zerenia Clinic
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Having treated over 15,000 patients with medical cannabis across Latin America, we are now in Europe!

Our mission is to support eligible patients access medical cannabis in a supportive and compassionate environment.

Supported by research and evidence, at  Zerenia , we provide doctors and patients with direct access to high-quality, personalised medical cannabis treatments across the UK. With over 15,000 patient treated, there’s peace of mind from our global experience. Our process is straightforward, our team is compassionate, and our services are affordable for all.

Prescribes for: Anxiety, chronic pain, MS, PTSD, insomnia, chemotherapy-induced nausea

Initial consultation cost: New patients £80

Follow up cost: £60

Access schemes: Project Twenty21

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