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Socati aims to open doors to CBD market

A service has been launched which offers new and existing brands focused on delivering hemp-infused goods to create and customise a number of CBD products.



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Socati Corp has established its Private Label service, which provides a full concept-to-market’ partnership for both established brands looking to develop new lines of hemp-infused products, as well as new organisations looking to launch new brands into the growing CBD market.  

US-based Socati’s team of agronomists, geneticists, food scientists, marketing experts and partners will work together to ensure, safe, high purity products are made to precision specifications and can be deployed to market quickly and efficiently. 

 Customisable private label products from Socati include crystallised flavoured powder, dummies, tinctures, soft gels, tablets and capsules.

Josh Epstein, chief executive of Socati, said: “With the creation of Socati’s private label division, we’re able to provide an efficient route to market for those looking to introduce new hemp-infused products or improve existing product manufacturing processes.

“It means brands and product innovators can respond quickly to changing consumer tastes and market trends, developing and launching high specification, quality products at speed and scale without tying up their existing manufacturing capacity or setting up their own costly infrastructure.” 

Customisable private label products from Socati include:

●      Crystalised flavoured powder 
●      Gummies  
●      Tinctures 
●      Softgels 
●      Pressed tablets 
●      Two-piece capsules