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Science meets wellness in new CBD brand



Lockdown inspired Sharon to learn more about CBD

The founder of a new CBD brand has revealed how a challenging period during lockdown last year helped her to see the light. 

New wellness brand Liminal Beauty is taking a fresh approach to CBD with a range of body treatment balms and fragranced candles. 

Its founder, Sharon Cheng, has spent years in the beauty industry after graduating in cosmetic science and working as a chemist and product developer for British brands, including Molton Brown.

But as the country was plunged into lockdown at the outbreak of Covid-19 last year, Sharon, 34, found herself faced with a personal realisation that when it comes to wellness, what’s on the inside matters more.

“Lockdown was quite challenging for me,” she tells Cannabis Health.

“I was struggling with stress and anxiety and decided to look into what was out there and how I could help myself. 

“That’s when I started learning a bit more about CBD.”

Sharon, who experiences flare ups of eczema during stressful periods, began to use topical products on her skin.

“The eczema usually appears on my skin before I even know I’m stressed and I found the topical CBD products really helpful,” she says.

“Learning about the science behind CBD was a complete eye opener for me. Combining my beauty background with the scientific research felt like a perfect fit.”

In the height of lockdown Sharon left her job and spent months researching ingredients and developing her own unique formulas at her London home.

Almost a year later, in January 2021, Liminal Beauty finally launched. 

The initial collection of vegan, cruelty-free candles and treatment balms are formulated with CBD isolate and come in Sandalwood and Rose fragrances.

“Where I got the CBD from was really important,” she explains.

“It took me a long time to find a supplier who could give me the sustainability assurance, consistency and documentation I was looking for.”

Sharon continues: “I wanted to approach it from a home and lifestyle point of view, rather than taking the more common, dietary supplement route. 

“Having worked with multiple brands on fragrance and candles previously, this is an area I have experience in and it’s a concept which is very much trending at the moment.”

CBD is known for its ability to bind with the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin receptors in the brain to help lift moods, while the scents of sandalwood and rose oil can increase delta and theta brain waves, leading to feelings of deep relaxation.

However, coming from a science background, Sharon is cautious about overstating the existing evidence for the potential properties of the cannabinoid. 

“There is so much more opportunity in terms of research and so much more to be explored when it comes to CBD,” she says. 

“For me it’s about taking the research that is there and combining it with a product which people can enjoy at home, to help them switch off and create a space for relaxation.

“It doesn’t work for everyone and we are in no way saying it’s the cure for everything.

“Instead, Liminal Beauty is about creating an environment at home which will have a positive effect on your mind and body.”

Despite the stress of launching a small company in the midst of a global pandemic, Sharon says she feels “all the better” for having discovered CBD. 

“There are so many people struggling with stress and anxiety right now, and I was one of them,” she adds.

“CBD has become a big part of my own life. I burn the Sandalwood candle every night when I do my evening yoga and it gives me time and space to unwind at the end of the day. 

“This combined with making some small lifestyle changes has made me feel so much better.”

Sarah Sinclair is a respected cannabis journalist writing on subjects related to science, medicine, research, health and wellness. She is managing editor of Cannabis Health, the UK’s leading title covering medical cannabis and CBD, and sister titles, Cannabis Wealth and Psychedelic Health. Sarah has an NCTJ journalism qualification and an MA in Journalism from the University of Sunderland. Sarah has over six years experience working on newspapers, magazines and digital-first titles, the last two of which have been in the cannabis sector. She has also completed training through the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society securing a certificate in Medical Cannabis Explained. She is a member of PLEA’s (Patient-Led Engagement for Access) advisory board, has hosted several webinars on cannabis and women's health and has moderated at industry events such as Cannabis Europa. Sarah Sinclair is the editor of Cannabis Health. Got a story? Email / Follow us on Twitter: @CannabisHNews / Instagram: @cannabishealthmag


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