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Safe, certified and high-power CBD vaping formula’s hit the shelves



Provocan has launched a special blend of hemp and terpene rich VapePods® formulated together with Kanabo
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Vaping, safe and certified? You don’t always see these attributes in the same sentence, but now Provocan has introduced its new high-strength CBD VapePods. Here’s everything you need to know.

In February 2020, Provacan, a favourite brand amongst CBD users in the UK, launched a special blend of hemp and terpene rich VapePods® that have been formulated together with Kanabo Group Plc, a recently listed medical cannabis company on London Stock Exchange.

These new pods are the latest vaporisation products from the CiiTECH brand, containing an increased dose of next generation cannabinoid content with an enhanced terpene profile for day and night use.

Powerful 72 percent all-natural CBD vape experience

The 55 percent CBD VapePods are one of Provacan’s best-selling cannabinoid products.

Its newest formulation ups the total CBD to 72 percent and cumulative total cannabinoid content to 78 percent. The VapePods are an excellent way for consumers to get their daily dose of naturally occurring plant compounds discreetly.

After hundreds of customer requests and feedback, the former 55 percent CBD formula has been replaced with one of the highest CBD formulations on the market sitting at 72 percent CBD and a robust 78 percent total cannabinoid content.

PG, VG, & nicotine-free VapePods

Provacan’s pre-filled pods are compatible with Kanabos’ medically certified VapePod device, also available for sale on the Provacan website. The purity of the pods formulation eliminates the use of potentially harmful chemicals, including the commonly used additives vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

Although these additives are deemed safe with certain limits, they are food ingredients that have no place in your lungs. Additionally, the room they take in each cartridge takes away from the natural hemp compounds.

The vape device’s unique design eliminates the need for such ingredients to thin the oil, providing buyers with more organic compounds and no filler components.

What are Terpenes?

The potent compounds that complement the phytocannabinoids play a significant role in wellness products across the board. Terpenes are thousands of naturally occurring chemicals found in various plants worldwide, including hemp and cannabis flowers.

The bountiful compounds are in items you see and use daily, such as myrcene, which is found in mangos and gives some hemp cultivars a citrus aroma. Another common terpene is linalool. It’s frequently found in lavender and offers a calming scent.

Researchers have discovered over 100 different terpenes in the hemp plant, each considered to play a role in the entourage effect and reaching targeted areas.

Easy to use VapePod device

The simple tool allows consumers to safely vape CBD. Developed in Israel, the device was the first of its kind to launch in the UK market certified as a medical cannabis device by the Israeli Ministry of Health. The system is easy to use and offers precise dosing. Buyers can easily switch between pre-filled CBD cartridges as needed and without any mess.

100 percent safe, premium CBD vaping products

Provacan is a science-led CBD brand dedicated to delivering all-natural hemp extracts that go through extensive testing to ensure safety and efficacy. The range of VapePod cartridges have been thoroughly screened for contaminants and are confirmed to contain zero pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, PG, VC, MCT, or vitamin E fillers.

Each product batch goes through in-house screenings and independent reviews. Consumers can verify the testing results through the certificate of analysis issued by the technicians.

As a CiiTECH brand, Provacan has the privilege of working with some of the finest cannabis researchers and developers to bring the latest technologies and innovations to the UK market. Partnering with Israeli tech company Kanabo (LSE: KNB) on the creation of these formulations is just one of the exciting partnership ventures that will be launched by Provacan this year.

Provacan is not one to disappoint when it comes to leading cannabis formulations and innovations so stay tuned to see what they come up with next.

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