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Call for funds to kickstart UK medical cannabis awareness campaign

A crowdfunder aims to raise £20,000 to undertake public relations and promotional activity around the existence and benefits of prescription cannabis.



An online crowdfunder has been launched to kickstart a key campaign to generate awareness of prescription cannabis among the general public.

The crowdfunder, being run by the Cannabis Industry Council (CIC), aims to raise £20,000 initially to undertake public relations and promotional activity around the existence and benefits of prescription cannabis.

Currently there are thought to be around 35,000 patients with a legal prescription for cannabis in the UK, but estimates have suggested that up to 1.8 million people could be using cannabis accessed illegally to ‘self-medicate’.

Despite the law change in November 2018, many doctors and patients are still unaware that prescription cannabis is legal. A recent survey conducted by UK clinic, Releaf, found that around half the population was unsure of the legality of medical cannabis.

While research carried out by MAMEDICA reports that 13% of Brits have transitioned from recreational cannabis use to exclusively managing health conditions with it.

In Australia (a country with half the population), there are 10 times as many patients as in the UK, plus significantly more in Germany and North America.

Around a third of the UK population (34%) are thought to be living with some form of chronic pain condition, the most common indication for which cannabis is currently prescribed, with more than 50 million opioid prescriptions written in 2022.

The funding will go towards compliant promotional activity in support of prescription cannabis, with the allocations overseen by the CIC leadership team and any major donors.

Co-chair of the CIC Prescription Cannabis Working Group James Smith, said: “A major reason for the low number of patients is the lack of public awareness around the legality of prescription cannabis. Expanding medicinal cannabis prescribing will improve public health, reduce NHS waiting lists, and cut opioid dependency, as well as various other knock on benefits.

“We urge the industry to get behind this crowdfunder to help us kickstart this important public awareness campaign.”

The crowdfunder launched on 4 April, and runs initially for seven weeks. To donate visit –


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