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Female-led CBD brand launches late night support service

The service will support women to find restful sleep, lower stress levels and improve their sex drive.



House of Wise was founded on the premise women's issues were being overlooked in a male-dominated sector.
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A women-orientated CBD company has launched and announced a bespoke wellbeing hotline to celebrate its arrival.

The ‘U Up?’ text service from new CBD-brand House of Wise provides support and product discounts to customers in the early hours.

The service, which runs from 12am to 4am, is the brainchild of founder Amanda Goetz and specifically tailored to women’s issues.

House of Wise offers a full line of high-end full-spectrum CBD products aimed at sleep issues, reducing stress and improving sex.

The company was founded on the premise women’s issues were being overlooked in a male-dominated sector.

Using raw material grown in Colorado, the US company says the hotline will bring ‘more awareness and solutions to the millions of women struggling to find restful sleep, lower stress and increased sex drives’.

Amanda Goetz, founder & CEO of House of Wise, said: “Women today face double standards, and CBD carries stigma despite its potential to help so many.

“I’ve faced infertility, miscarriage, divorce, and single parenting in a pandemic – growing up in a small conservative town, cannabis was never an option for navigating all life throws our way.

“After giving CBD a try in my 30s, I found myself achieving more restful sleep and mental clarity as I navigated growing my career and my family on my own terms.

“I believe it’s important for women to transform what society has deemed ‘shameful’ into empowerment.

“We can’t ‘have it all’ without help. House of Wise is a brand designed to break down these stigmas and provide a supportive community using products that make a meaningful difference in their daily routine.”