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Wimbledon tennis champ Pat Cash launches CBD range

Cash has described CBD as a  ‘gamechanger’ for athletes living with chronic pain.



Pat Cash, 1987 Wimbledon Men’s Singles tennis champion. Photo courtesy of Pat Cash CBD.

The former Wimbledon tennis champion, Pat Cash, has described CBD oil as a  ‘gamechanger’ for athletes living with chronic pain as he launches his own range of products. 

The 1987 Wimbledon Men’s Singles tennis champion announced this month on the popular Australian television chat show The Front Bar that he is launching his own CBD product range.

In an interview on Australian business show AusBiz on 23 February he explained how he had used CBD to help with pain related to his injuries, having just undergone his seventh knee surgery, as well as finding benefits for anxiety and sleep. 

“CBD is a gamechanger for athletes. [For me] it’s 40+ years of professional tennis, and the toll on the body is pretty extreme. I’ve just had my seventh knee injury, from the wear and tear I put my body through,” he stated. 

“For an athlete with lots of injuries, lots of anxiety, and who struggled to sleep, what’s going to work? CBD oil ticked every box for me. It’s something that has really worked for me.”

CBD has become increasingly popular among athletes in recent years, with many reporting benefits for post-exercise recovery and general wellbeing, with some early studies indicating that it may improve sleep quality, ease anxiety and aid with pain relief.

In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its list of prohibited substances and research is currently investigating its use in the prevention of concussion in sport.

Cash is said to be one of the first major sports celebrities in the world to launch a range of products branded under his own name.

Cash was interviewed on Australian business show AusBiz on 23 February.

“I came across CBD while looking for something natural to help me sleep, and as an alternative to painkillers. Athletes are telling us, they don’t want to take pills, they don’t want sleeping pills anymore,” he said.

“Cannabis has been used for thousands of years. It has incredible medicinal properties to it. Doctors are realising that cannabis is natural, it’s not a dirty word anymore, and that is why we are seeing a massive boom in cannabis prescriptions in Australia. And I want to be a part of that change.”

He added: “There’s zero THC in our CBD. We wanted to create a product for athletes, with anti-inflammatory properties to it. In Australia you still need a prescription to get CBD, even without any THC in it, which doesn’t make much sense. We would like to see that changed.”

“I would like to make CBD more readily available for pain relief, anxiety, and all the things it’s great for. This is why I set up this health company. We need to lobby the Australian government and other countries too, to make it more readily available.”

 Cash is now looking to joint venture or partner with companies in the CBD and medicinal cannabis space.

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