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Patients to be front and centre at this year’s Cannabis Europa

Patients will have the opportunity to have their say on the future of the sector at the event next week.



Why patients will be front and centre at this year's Cannabis Europa
Panellists have welcomed a more diverse and inclusive line-up.

Panellists have welcomed a more “inclusive” and “patient-focused” line-up ahead of this year’s Cannabis Europa.

Patients will take centre stage at the major industry event, taking place from 28-29 June in London.

While the focus of the annual conference has traditionally been on investors and business outlooks, this year patients will have the opportunity to have their say on the future of the sector.

Two panel discussions will focus specifically on the patient perspective, exploring how all those in the industry can work together to ensure a bright future for cannabis in the UK.

In Bridging the Gap, Professor Mike Barnes, chair of the Cannabis Industry Council will be joined by Zach Thompson, external relations lead for PLEA (Patient-Led Engagement for Access), freelance journalist Ruby Deevoy and Bev Muslimov, co-founder partner of Leafy Tunnel, to discuss how we can “bridge the gap” between doctors, patients and producers.

Meanwhile, Patient Perspectives – a panel voted for by members of the public – will discuss why the cannabis industry is often hesitant to support grassroots advocacy, but quick to reap the rewards – and how businesses can further support patients.

The line-up includes high profile campaigners, Hannah Deacon, of Medcan Support and Jacqueline Poitras, founder of IACM Patient Council and MAMAKA and Monique Ellis, CEO of Chilam and a medical cannabis patient herself.

Deacon, director of cannabis consultancy firm Maple Tree, welcomed the efforts being made to include patients in the conversation.

“It’s welcome news to see more patient-focused panels at Cannabis Europa 2022,” she commented.

“We can only achieve a successful medical cannabis industry in the UK by ensuring that patients, doctors and businesses all work together to create a robust and active sector. It is really important that businesses understand that, as well as that patients feel they are being listened to and are part of the conversation.”

A more “inclusive” event

Alongside the patient-focus, the event will see more women and speakers from a diverse range of backgrounds take to the stage, with a panel specifically on the role of cannabis in women’s health and a discussion around the influence of rap culture on the global cannabis economy. 

Mary Biles, author of The CBD Book, who will chair the Patient Perspectives panel, told Cannabis Health that she was “heartened” by the efforts of organisers this year.

“I am very much heartened by the organisers’ of Cannabis Europa openness to evolve into a more inclusive event,” she said.

“This year, not only is there a greater patient presence, but there are more women panellists and greater diversity in general. I hope that this evolution in attitudes is also shared by the attendees.”

Biles added: “Excluding patients from the debate doesn’t reflect the evolution of the cannabis industry and further cements the gaping chasm between cannabis company investors/shareholders and the end consumer, the patient.

“It’s high time the patient experience secures its place at the heart of every cannabis company’s business model and having more patients on panels will help.”

Without patients there is no industry

Monique Ellis also agreed that patients should be at the centre of the sector.

“It is simple – without patients there is no industry,” she said.

“The engagement and support of patient advocacy charities is vastly overlooked. They need focus, commitment and support if we want to look at moving the needle in patient numbers and the success of the industry.”

Ellis went onto highlight the value for cannabis companies in having patient input in terms of access and product development.

“Patients need to be front and centre, at the heart of what companies set out to achieve and develop on their innovation roadmap,” she continued.

“Patients are the centre point of real-world evidence trials and data and can ultimately drive shared and community-based decisions to increase the efficiency and economic benefits to the cannabis industry and healthcare as whole.

“We need to understand the perspective of both cannabis -aware and cannabis-naive patients through the collection of qualitative and quantitative data. This will underpin the strategy on how we access patients, what they ultimately need in terms of end finished product and their preferred delivery methods.”

High hopes 

Having previously faced some criticism, this year organisers have introduced concession tickets for patients, students and charities who wish to attend. 

With a number of positive changes having been made, Zach Thompson added that he hoped efforts from industry leaders to include patients would continue.

“It is very welcome to see such an influential event such as Cannabis Europa reaching out to us, with a willingness to include patients in the conversation. It is my hope that these efforts are being made with the best of intentions and that it will encourage other companies to support patients, both publicly and behind the scenes, by recognising our contribution to the sector,” he commented.

“At PLEA we are working hard to ensure that here in the UK lived experience is valued, and patient voices are heard, amplified and centred as medicinal cannabis access develops.”

For tickets and more information visit and use the discount code ‘CannabisHealth15′ to get 15% off tickets. To enquire about a concession ticket email [email protected]

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CBD by British Cannabis™ launches in Selfridges

The brands collection of 100 per cent cannabis supplements will be available in one of the UK’s most famous premium-retailers.



CBD by British Cannabis™ launches in Selfridges
The range will be available at Selfridges Londo, in the Beauty Hall, as well as online.

British Cannabis™ has launched its collection of 100 per cent cannabis supplements and cosmetics in one of the UK’s most famous premium-retailers.

From today (Monday 4 July) the full range of CBD by British Cannabis™ products debuts in Selfridges London at the new Feel Good Bar, located in the Beauty Hall, as well as online.

Since launching seven years ago, British Cannabis™ (listed as CBD Health Foods Ltd) has experienced exceptional demand for its high quality and great tasting CBD products.

Today, the company is to launch their premium, flagship range in Selfridges.

The CBD by British Cannabis™ collection will be showcased in the Beauty Hall at Selfridges London, a place to discover products that spark innovative wellbeing practices and thought-provoking ideas and home to world-leading brands. 

CBD by British Cannabis™ products have won multiple awards in recent years, including the Highly Commended 2021, P3 MVP Award for 1000mg CBD Cannabis Oils, ICP magazine’s 2022 CBD Product of The Year, and Your Healthy Living magazine’s 2022 Silver Award for Best CBD Products (for CBD by British Cannabis™ Dermal Patches 500mg).

All of the food supplement products in the CBD by British Cannabis™ collection are included on the Food Standards Agency’s public list of products that are legal for sale on the UK market via the successful submission of British Cannabis’™ Novel Foods applications.

A recent update by the governments Food Standards Agency saw British Cannabis™ ranked as the UK’s largest CBD manufacturer by number of publicly listed CBD products manufactured. 

Read more industry news at Cannabis Wealth

More than just CBD – The British Cannabis™ Story

CBD by British Cannabis™ is not ‘just CBD’; these 100 per cent cannabis products contain hundreds of other beneficial cannabis compounds, terpenes, flavonoids, phenols and more.

All of these natural elements and yet still being compliant with regulations and legal for sale within the UK. Each product is rigorously tested for accuracy, purity, and THC-free status for consumer peace of mind. 

Every product contains the knowledge and expertise that has been amassed over the last seven years of British Cannabis™ existence, evidenced in the growing, extraction, research, development, and manufacturing that saw this British start-up grow to be the leading authority in consumer cannabis products within the UK.

British Cannabis™ CEO, Thomas Whettem, celebrated the news, commenting: This is yet another great milestone in the British Cannabis™ story. It is a testament to the levels of excellence we demand within our supply chain and products, that we are now stocked at an iconic, prestige retailer in Selfridges. 

“We set out to create ‘the champagne of CBD oils’, with more beneficial cannabis phytochemicals than any other CBD products compliant and legal for sale today. Our premium, THC-free products are both UK-born and UK-manufactured, thus debuting in Selfridges London seems very appropriate.”

British Cannabis™ launched a television campaign in March 2022 for its premium flagship range, CBD by British Cannabis™, as part of a half a million pound investment in awareness building and consumer recruitment 2022/23. 

Set in the style of a classic health and beauty advert, the creative aimed to break down barriers to legal cannabis-derived products, gaining broadcaster approval to make more industry-specific references than any campaign to date. 

Shown across dozens of premium channels on the SKY and Channel 5 networks, this marked the first time that the SKY network had opened its doors to CBD advertisers on their linear stations since 2019.

British Cannabis™ Managing Director, David Ralson, said: “As proud as we are of our tested, trusted, super-premium CBD supplements and cosmetics, we are equally proud to now be bringing them to the world-class shopping experience at Selfridges, as part of our distribution expansion plans.

“For over a century, Selfridges have brought premium health and beauty products to the forefront in exciting ways – and especially in their new Feel Good Bar. As one of the UK’s original British-made CBD ranges, with a heritage in this young industry of nearly seven years, the match of Selfridges and CBD by British Cannabis™ seems a perfect fit.

“I hope that Selfridges shoppers grow to love and trust our CBD range as much as our existing loyal customer base, who over the years have given us over 1,500 5-star reviews on Trustpilot.”

BRITISH CANNABIS™ can be reached on +44 (0) 203 965 2420 or via email at [email protected]

Find us on LinkedIn – Search ‘BRITISH CANNABIS’ or search ‘@BritishCanna’ for Facebook and Twitter.

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New fully digital cannabis dispensary launches in UK

It aims to streamline the process through which  cannabis patients can access their medicine.



New fully digital cannabis dispensary launches in UK

A new fully digital medical cannabis pharmacy aims to improve the dispensing experience for UK patients.

A new digital dispensing solution has launched in the UK, with the aim of streamlining the process through which cannabis patients can access their medicine.

Through the new system, patients are able to schedule delivery to their home or office, with a 120-minute delivery service in London and Birmingham and next-day delivery across the UK.

Akanda subsidiary, CanMart, has partnered with digital pharmacy infrastructure Phlo Connect and Cellen Life Sciences to bring the project to life.

The process will be increasingly seamless for patients in the near future as Phlo Connect, Cellen and CanMart build additional digital interconnections, Akanda said.

Osteoarthritis: A banner advert for the medical cannabis clinicsTej Virk, CEO of Akanda, said: “Akanda is committed to expanding access to high-quality products for anyone in need, and that is qualified in the United Kingdom, a growing market for medical cannabis.

“Phlo Connect and Cellen are the ideal partners to make this happen, combining the UK’s first fully digital pharmacy with a digital dispensing model that is easy to use, secure, and real-time.

“In the nascent UK medical cannabis market, patients currently suffer from excess friction as the prescription process, and last-mile delivery is disjointed.

“We firmly believe that our solution is the best way to satisfy patients and get our 1P and 3P-supplied medical cannabis in their hands quickly and conveniently, which will greatly improve the patient experience.”

New fully digital cannabis dispensary launches in UK

The partnership with Phlo Connect builds on CanMart’s existing partnership with Cellen, a health tech company that provides treatment to chronic pain patients through Leva Clinic, as well as through partners including the NHS, and Boots UK.

The Leva Clinic, which is licensed and regulated by the Care Quality Commission, is one of the first fully digital pain clinics in the UK.

Cellen is also a medical cannabis supplier to Project Twenty21, the large-scale medical cannabis observational study monitored by Drug Science that aims to improve access to medical cannabis.

Adam Hunter, CCO of Phlo Connect commented: “We believe partnering with CanMart and Cellen will be a game-changer for medicinal cannabis patients here in the UK.

“By integrating with both CanMart and Cellen via our API-driven pharmacy platform, we believe that this partnership is the first truly end-to-end digital experience for medicinal cannabis patients in the UK.”

He added: “Our patients require access to new high-quality products without the friction and hassle of traditional dispensing services. This partnership is another example of our continuing efforts to build on our national, established relationships with the wider pharmaceutical community in innovative ways.

“We believe that CanMart’s access to high quality products as well as Phlo Connect’s extensive capabilities in dispensing will go a long way to helping our service to our patients.”

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CiiTECH celebrates five years with five days of CBD offers

CiiTECH’s five-year birthday is a pivotal moment, the company said.




Cannabis healthcare company CiiTECH celebrates its fifth birthday and reflects on a turbulent half-decade for the CBD industry.

CiiTECH’s five-year birthday is a pivotal moment, the company said. After what has been one of the most turbulent times for the industry, the firm has achieved six months of stability. With new crypto projects on the horizon and new markets on the cards, the company is gearing up for a period of growth.

CBD is a tough industry to be in right now but that has never stopped CiiTECH CEO and founder, Clifton Flack, from driving the business through regulatory issues and the challenges of an increasingly saturated market.

“When we started the business in 2017 the market was approaching the peak of interest and excitement. Since then, alongside the hundreds of brands that have been born to compete with us, we’ve also faced monumental regulatory pressures and flip-flopping,” Flack said.

“We’re still here though, independent and with a bright future ahead as the coming year ahead brings settled regulations.”

After a stormy start to the year, the FSA delivered on their promise to roll out a framework by which products can be set on a supervised pathway to novel food authorisation. The market is now more difficult than ever to penetrate for new and emerging brands, however it gives established UK CBD companies like CiiTECH an advantage over international companies attempting to penetrate the UK market.

“In parallel, the industry and our peers have had a two year pandemic, Brexit supply chain disruptions and now a cost of living crisis set to put all previous volatilities to shame,” Flack added.

“Now more than ever, cannabis healthcare companies need to take our time, avoid the panic and focus on delivering quality products behind trusted brands that are built for the long term.”

Recently, CiiTECH investigated a stock market listing on the London Stock Exchange but the IPO did not come to fruition.

“As the CEO, I had to make an impossible decision,” Flack said.

“Amongst other things, the timing was just not right. Consumer sentiment and demands are volatile and we found the essence of our company getting lost in bureaucracy at a time when it should have been front of mind.

Yesterday, CiiTECH launched five promotions over five days to celebrate the anniversary of the company.

“As a revenue-driven business, CiiTECH would not be in the position it is today without its army of loyal Provacan customers, so we’re giving back to them the best way we know-how.

“With five days’ worth of promos and freebies to mark five years of success. Our Friday promo emails have become somewhat legendary among our customers but we have never done anything like this before.”

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