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Can a new AI-powered app enhance medical cannabis treatment?

ZAM claims it will provide patients and their clinicians with a better understanding of the treatment.



MGC Pharmaceuticals app

Those behind a new data collection app say it will to help medical cannabis patients and doctors better understand their health and treatment.

Cannabis company MGC Pharmaceuticals is launching a data collection app and machine learning algorithm, named ZAM, that enables patients to log their medical history and monitor their medication use.

By collecting patient data, ZAM claims it will provide users with a better understanding of their health and treatment.

In addition to providing instructions on how and when to take medication, the app will also measure treatment progress and will have the ability for a qualified doctor to prescribe alternative medication following a consultation.

Once the initial phase of data collection is underway, the app’s machine learning will begin. The algorithm will use data collected from the app, in addition to results from academic and clinical studies, to predict potential conflicting side effects from multiple treatments.

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It will also allow users to order existing prescriptions and provide practitioners with a comprehensive set of data on treatment and medical history.

ZAM will enable data collection from patients enrolled in clinical trials involving MGC Pharma products, which will help improve the accuracy of its clinical trials and dosing of its products, the company said.

“It has been clear to us for some time that used properly, AI has the ability to transform the pharmaceutical industry and improve outcomes for patients,” Roby Zomer, co-founder and managing director of MGC Pharmaceuticals said.

“Our work with Caba Tech has produced an app which has broad-ranging implications for the health sector.

“This  app will serve as an ‘online doctor’, both collecting data and learning from it to predict conflicts in treatments, increasing efficiency for medical practitioners.”

He added: “Our conversations across the medical research industry, and with patients, have shown there is a real need for this app and we truly believe that it can revolutionise the delivery of medical services for people globally.”

ZAM is a joint venture between Caba Tech and MGC Pharma.

Alessandra-Manuela Cadavid-Doubinina, CEO of Caba Tech, commented: “We believe that apps like ZAM are able to change the way people take medication and discuss the effects of their treatment with their practitioners. The app will help clinical research teams to receive live and high-quality data on their patients, which will enable drug research to be as precise as possible.

“The aim of the AI is to help doctors make fast decisions in patient treatment with data collected  in 40 different languages and two million different recaches in less than two minutes, which serves as the gate to collective intelligence.”

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