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Medical cannabis funding app launched

A new cannabis investment fund app has been launched to give exposure to businesses focusing on medical cannabis.



Micro-investing app Wombat has launched a new investment fund to its growing curated investment portfolio, this time aimed at the growing cannabis market, which is seeing significant levels of development on a global scale.

Wombat will be the first UK fractional investment platform to offer access to the emerging medical cannabis sector, allowing users to invest from just £10.

Kane Harrison, chief executive of London-based fintech startup Wombat, said: Scientists are increasingly understanding how medical cannabis can improve the lives of people living with pain, chronic illness and disease.

A raft of clinical trials over recent years has driven growing interest in the UK-listed companies that are making good returns for their investors in this field.

We know from our own customers that demand for exposure to the sector is high and so were particularly proud to be able to increase accessibility by setting entry to our fund at just £10.”


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