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Sapphire Medical Foundation to fund more UK cannabis prescriptions

UK and Channel Island residents can apply for a grant to fully support their medical cannabis prescription.



Sapphire Foundation to fund more UK cannabis prescriptions

UK medical cannabis charity, Sapphire Medical Foundation, has secured new funding to support access to prescriptions during the cost-of-living crisis. 

From Wednesday 31 August, UK and Channel Island residents can apply for a grant to fully support their medical cannabis prescription, in the second grant round of 2022.

Those selected who meet the eligibility criteria to access medical cannabis prescriptions and clinic appointments will be paid for by the Sapphire Medical Foundation for a minimum of one year.  

Medical cannabis was legalised for prescription in 2018 across the UK, since then the growth in  patient numbers paying privately for treatment has risen exponentially.

Eligible patients can seek treatment for conditions including chronic pain, neuropathic pain, generalised anxiety disorder and fibromyalgia.

There are estimated to be almost 20,000 patients now legally prescribed the treatment via private clinics, such as Sapphire Medical Clinics.  

Sapphire Medical Foundation

The cost associated with prescriptions for medical cannabis can be a barrier to what is for some people a life-changing medication.

As a result, some patients are faced with the decision between prioritising their health or other necessities – never more so than in the current economic squeeze with the cost-of-living crisis.  

Sapphire Medical Foundation’s mission is to reduce the economic barriers of access to medical  cannabis. It was founded to relieve financial difficulties that can affect individuals who are unable to  afford the costs associated with medical cannabis prescriptions.

No other charity in the UK exists with the sole purpose of alleviating the monetary burden that comes with cannabis-based  treatment. Thus, the Sapphire Medical Foundation presents the only legitimate option for medical cannabis access for hundreds, if not thousands of individuals.

The Foundation recognises that in the current economic climate people will be forced into making difficult decisions between their health and other necessities, so they are glad to be able to report that they are able to open a grant round for the second time this year. 

Kirran Gill was the first patient in the UK to receive support from the Sapphire Medical Foundation  for rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and anxiety and says that because of treatment, her pain  levels have been significantly easier to manage and the severe side effects from using conventional  treatment (such as opioids) are less severe.

Additionally, her appetite, nausea, anxiety, and overall  mood have improved. Access to medical cannabis has greatly impacted her life in a positive way. 

Dr Simon Erridge, co-founder and trustee of Sapphire Medical Foundation, commented: “We want to help as many patients as possible and thank those who have made this new funding round possible. We appreciate that now more than ever, people are forced to make difficult decisions between their  health and other necessities.

“We are delighted to invite those who meet our stringent grant making criteria to apply for support to access medical cannabis for a minimum of one year.”  

UK and Channel Island grant round  

This grant round opens to UK and Channel Island applicants on the 31August 2022, closing 12 October 2022. Applications are open to both existing medical cannabis prescription holders, and patients who otherwise meet the grant-making criteria but have not accessed treatment to date.  

Applications can be made via the website

All grants are made following a thorough assessment of eligibility and in accordance with our fair and transparent grant making principles to available here

To make a donation, please visit 

The Sapphire Medical Foundation provides financial assistance to cover the costs of treatment for a minimum of one year for each patient who receives one of the grants.  

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