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CBD Calm: What are the benefits of terpenes in wellness products?



CBD Calm explores why choosing a product that contains additional terpenes may offer a broad spectrum of potential benefits. 

CBD Calm specialises in creating pure-strength CBD products that consumers can really benefit from. Each product is expertly crafted in-house by their pharmaceutical scientists to ensure purity, effectiveness, and that it is free from any contaminants and pesticides. 

CBD Calm Terpenes

Terpenes constitute the key components in essential oils and play a pivotal role in shaping the aromatic qualities of cannabis. When combined with cannabinoids, terpenes demonstrate a synergistic and entourage effect, although their interactions have been the subject of speculation for several decades. 

Cannabis exhibits a wide array of terpenes, each hinting at distinct sensory characteristics, significantly enhancing the consumer’s experiences.

Terpenes can be added to CBD concentrates, oils or e-liquids to enhance flavour and for its therapeutic effects on the body. Products containing terpenes vary from oral drops, e-liquid juices to disposables

All broad-spectrum products contain some terpenes. However, if you’re looking to benefit from the entourage effect it’s best to choose a broad-spectrum CBD product infused with specific strain terpenes. 

We would recommend the range of CBD Calm terpene-infused disposables in three different variations – Amnesia, Gelato and Holy Grail Kush. They all focus on different benefits because they are composed of different major compounds. 

Depending on which terpenes are added to the products, they can induce different benefits. Amnesia primarily offers calming properties. Holy Grail Kush acts as an anxiolytic and aids in enhancing focus. Gelato terpenes also contribute to relaxation and provide relief from pain. If you prefer the e-liquid version, there is a wide range to choose from, like Super Lemon Haze or Gipsy Haze.


Major components of terpenes and their benefits:


Limonene has relaxing properties and helps with anxiety 

It’s present in the Holy Grail Kush, Gelato and OG Kush terpenes.


Myrcene has anti-inflammatory, pain relief and stress-reducing properties

It’s present in the Amnesia, Gipsy Haze and Super Silver Haze terpenes.


Caryophyllene has relaxing, sedative, and antidepressive effects 

It’s present in Super Lemon Haze, Holy Grail Kush and Gelato terpenes.


Pienene is anti-inflammatory and prevents neuronal damage 

It’s present in Super Lemon Haze, Gipsy Haze, Gelato.


Terpinolene has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

It’s present in Amnesia, Gipsy Haze and Super Lemon Haze terpenes. 

Benefits of CBD that might work synergistically with terpenes benefits

Mood disorders

Since endocannabinoids are believed to play a significant role in major depression, generalised anxiety, and bipolar disorders, Cannabis sativa has been proposed as a potential treatment. 

From widely available products, you can choose CBD oils or CBD e-liquids. But how does CBD affect the body? The endocannabinoid system is widely distributed throughout the body, including the brain, where it regulates numerous functions, particularly those related to mood disorders. 

Exogenous cannabinoids have the potential to modulate their activity by CB1 and CB2 receptors. It’s important to note that ‘cannabis’ is not a singular compound product; instead, it is renowned for its intricate molecular makeup, giving rise to a multitude of phytocannabinoids and a wide variety of terpenes. Consequently, the “entourage effect” is the suggested positive outcome resulting from the addition of terpenes to cannabinoids.

If you’re looking to enjoy the advantages associated with mood disorders, opting for broad-spectrum CBD oils or vapes/disposables is your top choice. You can also choose Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies or flavoured CBD oils for easier ingestion. 

Pain relief and anti-inflammatory

CBD seems to exhibit analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties in individuals who are experiencing neuropathic and radicular pain. 

CBD has several potential targets, such as CB2 receptors, activation of alpha-2 adrenergic receptors, indirect interaction with opioid receptors, and regulation of inflammatory processes and pain pathways. 

The modulation of the noradrenergic system and indirect activation of opioid receptors through CB2 receptors may play a significant role in addressing pain, anxiety, depression, and opioid withdrawal. 

This could provide insight into why CBD seems to be an effective analgesic compound. As vaping CBD is considered to be the most bioavailable way to consume CBD, try Broad Spectrum CBD disposable infused with terpenes for the most effective pain relief.

CBG has also been studied in various pain models, and researchers have figured out how it works. It seems that CBG targets two receptors, TRPV1 and CB2R, to relieve pain. CBG might activate the TRPV1 receptor to reduce its sensitivity and stop pain signals from going through. It also appears that CBG can make the body release β-endorphin from HaCaT cells, which helps with pain relief. What’s more, CBG is safe and doesn’t cause harm, so CBG e-liquid or CBG oil could be a good choice as a pain relief treatment.

As pain relief, we would recommend CBG + CBD oil or if you prefer vaping: CBG +CBD e-liquid, CBD e-liquid.

The benefits of adding terpenes to CBD products can improve the potential wellness advantages you will be receiving. You need to ensure you’re only taking high-quality CBD from reputable brands, like CBD Calm, to have the safest, and hassle-free, CBD experience.



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