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Big plans afoot at Halifax HQ



A new British cannabis products firm with a 7,000 sq ft manufacturing plant in Yorkshire has been created through a merger.

Fen Health and Zulize have merged to form Fen Group Ltd, which is headquartered in Halifax.

The company will operate out of a 7,000 sq ft ‘good manufacturing practice-compliant facility. Among its board members is Andy Fennell, former chief marketing officer of drinks giant Diageo, who also previously ran the cannabis incubator, ECH.

Its three business divisions include a “proprietary range of CBD products”, white label manufacturing and “brand licensing in UK and European markets”.

Each CBD brand will “have a specific value proposition, serve a narrow demographic, and have a strong digital infrastructure. Currently two brands in the portfolio with a third launching in August (proprietary sleep solution).”

It will also manufacture CBD products for third party brand owners, providing a “strong bedrock with cashflow and breathing space necessary to nurture the business units that are less cash generative but will have greater long-term capital value”.

It will also undertake licensing of existing brands looking to manufacture in market to UK and European under local standards and regulations.

“With the inevitable complexities arising from the Novel Foods legislation, regional licensing becomes an efficient entry point into the European market,” it said.

Andy Fennell said:  “As the CBD industry matures, the companies that can generate consumer trust for great products and compelling brands will win. I’m confident that FEN group will be one of the winners.

CEO Tom Fennell added: “Cannabis firms are scrambling to become dominant at every link in the value chain, and in doing so, have become average at everything, rather than great at a few things.

“Fen Group will win by knowing more about less. We focus obsessively on what we know we can be great at, and don’t get distracted by the abundance of opportunity in the industry.”


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