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CBD brand backed by arrives in UK



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A celeb-backed CBD brand loved by the likes of has arrived on the UK market.

A popular German CBD brand, supported by celebrities including musician and The Voice star, launched in the UK on Tuesday 1 December.

VAAY, a start-up from Berlin, has recently seen investment from the former Black Eyed Peas star, as well as Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun, Hollywood star Alyssa Milano and German football player Mario Götze, who are said to be loyal fans of its products.

The brand seeks to provide consumers with wellbeing focused products – including CBD mouth spray, bath bomb and massage oil – made from natural ingredients to give their bodies a much needed time-out.

Adopting a wholly scientific approach, a team of biologists, doctors and researchers work in tandem to create the most effective hemp products to truly care for the stressed out body and mind.

Its celebrity-backing, innovative branding and performance-led products have cemented VAAY’s status as one of Germany’s ‘coolest’ CBD brands.

“I am a big fan of innovative health companies, especially after seeing the growing research that is done around the hemp plant,” said recent investor,

“The Sanity Group team has found the right approach and have created high quality products to help people.”

VAAY’s specialist formulas utilise a unique combination of cannabinoids, terpenes and natural extracts to ensure ultimate holistic benefits.

Aside from their vape pens, each of their products contains full spectrum CBD rather than CBD isolate.

Research has found this to be the most effective form of CBD, with the entire spectrum of compounds found in cannabis working synergistically to produce greater results.

VAAY’s collection of products features oils, capsules and sprays, all colour coded by their function for easy differentiation.

Brand founder Finn A. Haensel launched the company together with co-founder Fabian Friede with a goal to revolutionise the way we find inner balance, without being boring, preachy or overwhelming.

He commented: “You don’t really have any cool CBD brands here. The only thing you have here is the oil, but that’s basically it. There is a need for more sophisticated products with CBD – that’s how we came up with VAAY.”