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“CBD has changed my life for the better”



CBD helped Adam tackle a number of health conditions

Having suffered from sport-related pain and fatigue, work anxiety and a skin condition for a number of years, Adam started to see huge improvements to his life after incorporating CBD into his daily routine.

“I have experienced issues with anxiety over the years,” says Adam, a 40-year-old medical sales representative.

He trains community and hospital nurses on medical products; a job which involves presenting to large groups of people, often in high pressure situations.

Due to the stress of his job, which he has been doing for the past four years, Adam (who asked to remain anonymous) says he has felt anxious and, as a result, sometimes struggles leading training sessions, especially with larger groups.

He had to learn to live with this anxiety which, in his words, “wasn’t particularly pleasant”.

Adam describes himself as an active person with a keen interest in running. He trains at the gym four to five days a week and due to his intense training schedule, regularly experiences after-effects, such as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and fatigue.

“In the past I always reached for the Ibuprofen either in tablet or muscle rub formats to deal with any pain after the gym and running,” he says.

It wasn’t until his colleague mentioned a family member’s use of CBD for an injury that Adam started researching the supplement.

He continues: “When I started working in my current role, a colleague of mine mentioned that his dad had been suffering with an injury and inflammation on his knee. He told me he had been taking CBD oil from a company called Canaxen to help alleviate it.

“His dad had been dealing with the problem for some time and after taking the CDB oil, it had reduced the inflammation and allowed him to recover. As I was regularly using Ibuprofen at the time to help recover from DOMS, I thought I’d give it a go.”

But what Adam didn’t realise was that CBD also had the potential to treat another of his afflictions; his anxiety.

“I soon realised that when taking CBD oil regularly, it would also help manage my anxiety,” Adam says.

“It allowed me not to worry about presentations and training very large groups of nurses at work.”

Adam started off on six drops of Canaxen’s ‘Bronze’ option every morning and afternoon, which made a “huge difference” to his day-to-day life.

“It’s difficult to explain the feeling you get from CBD oil,” he says. “I find it relaxes me but not to the stage where I want to go to sleep or that I feel intoxicated.

“Unfortunately, there is a huge stigma attached to anything that is linked to cannabis, which I think is down to the lack of education and potentially stories of people trying a product with THC in and having a bad experience.”

After a year on the 500mg option, Adam decided to try the company’s 1000mg ‘Silver’ CBD oil, which he claims worked even more effectively, alleviating the effects of his sports training and as well as his anxiety at work.

He also noticed improvements to his skin. Having dealt with acne throughout his life, he says that the condition is now “non-existent”.

Adam adds: “I now feel I can’t live without this product. CBD oil is now a part of my daily routine. It’s done wonders for me at work which has been noticed by others. Nothing at all fazes me now, but before I found CBD I did struggle from time to time.”

Three years after he started takin the oil, Adam is a keen advocate for the supplement, recommending it to friends, family and colleagues “whenever an opportunity arises”

Adam adds: “I’m so pleased I had that conversation with my colleague and that I found Canaxen because it has literally changed my life for the better.”


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