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How this CBD brand is helping NHS workers cope with Covid-19



Karma Coast will see its products included in ‘wellness packages’ for NHS staff

An award-winning CBD brand has teamed up with hospital trusts across the UK to reach out to NHS workers.

North East-based company Karma Coast will see its products included in ‘wellness packages’ for NHS staff as increasing numbers turn to CBD to help cope with the impact of Covid-19.

Its founders recently teamed up with NHS hospital trusts in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow and Newcastle to cut prices for frontline workers who have felt the full force of the pandemic throughout 2020.

Karma Coast, which has won several awards for its organic products, is one of just a handful of CBD companies to gain recognition from the NHS, as awareness of its potential health benefits spreads.

Sales of CBD have sky-rocketed throughout 2020, with more people turning to the cannabinoid to ease Covid-related stress, anxiety and trouble sleeping.

Karma Coast co-founders Dylan Mortimer and Magdalena Dopierala say the majority of their customers are looking to try CBD for anxiety-related concerns.

“The amount of people who have come in looking for something to help them cope with the anxiety caused by 2020 –  it is close to 100 percent,” said Magdalena.

“You feel a bit guilty because it’s been a really successful year for us, even though we closed our physical store during lockdown we have been able to concentrate on other things in the business.”

The couple have also scooped several awards, including Best Organic CBD Products 2020 at the UK Enterprise Awards, and Best CBD Products 2020 at the Northern Prestige Awards.

Karma Coast was recommended by NHS staff based in Newcastle – who had been using its products throughout the year – and the company was approached about being part of the wellness package.

As of December, Karma Coast’s products will be advertised in several hospitals across the UK and all NHS staff will receive a 10 percent discount and free consultation with their monthly pay slip.

“We had wanted to do something to help spread the word about CBD in local pharmacies and GP surgeries, so people didn’t have to find out by word of mouth,” said Magdalena.

“It was really nice to be approached and to find out we had been recommended by nurses and doctors at our local hospital in Newcastle.”

Dylan added: “We have a lot of people come in who have been recommended by their consultants. I think the word has gradually spread among those in the NHS and it’s just been a natural progression.

“We feel really honoured and grateful to get that recognition.”


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